Get To Know The Very Real Me

"Never stop chasing your dreams" 

In life there are the things we try to control, the chaos we so desperately want to be a master of. The truth I've found, is that life is chaos and the beauty lies within. We are all perfectly imperfect, the world is a beautiful display of controled chaos and OUR LIFE IS WHATEVER WE CHOOSE IT TO BE!

About Me

"I always want to be as real as possible"

I'm that guy that grew up in a small town in Canada, who made a decision one day that he was going to change his life forever. Starting from very humble beginnings, I am no stranger to being broke. I grew up in a household of 5 kids including myself, at a young age my parents got divorced and my mother was taking any job she could get cleaning houses to provide for our family. Several years of financial, mental and emotional struggle were to follow. From standing in lines at food and gift charities to wearing hand me downs for over 6 years, I TRULY UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE POOR, 5 kids and one completely broken mother living on a $35,000 family income. 


Throughout my childhood I struggled with the knowledge of my mothers abuse and the small amount of abuse me and my sibling incured, as she took the majority for us. All these trials and struggles I let tear me down, until the person I was, didn't even remotely resemble who I am.


One of my favorite quotes is from William Shakespear.


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"

After years of struggle, resentment and fear I decided to start looking at life differently. All the struggle and pain I viewed as blessings and growth, all the financial difficulties and lingering fears I viewed as motivations to push me to a place where I am fearless and financially free.

The person I am today is not the person I was yesterday. Since making that descision I've DEVELOPED A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITH MY FATHER, been able to GIVE BACK TO MY MOTHER and pushed myself beyond anything I ever imagined possible 

Today I run 2 white label brands, 1 dropshipping general store and an Amazon FBA empire. I've held spiritual and mental healing sessions and launched a podcast platform that gives unique individuals a place to share their passions with the world. I understand that the abundance of wealth, love, happiness and freedom that I've received must be shared with the world. This is why I'm in the process of launching a massive non-profit organization that will impact the world well beyond my days on this earth. 

If you take anything from my life story, please take these words and let them impact your life FOREVER.


"Your life is your life, all that's required is for you to start living it. THIS WORLD NEEDS YOU. The unique gifts you have to offer, need to be shared with the world. Stop living a life that's not your own, engage with the world as your true self. 

Step into the real you, connect with your soul and become the person you're destined to be"

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