Giving Back What Was Never Ours To Keep 

Let the energy flow freely

The Ominira Global Foundation was founded with the intent of giving back, not only financially, but also the amazing positive energy that has been shared with its supporting coporation.

The organization will be focusing on three main outreach categories during its initial launch in an effort to give back to the communities and people that hold immense value to its founder. 

These three outreaches will focus on:

  • Support and aid for single parents living in local communities around British Columbia, providing financial support and funded education. To not only support single parents through tough times, but also enable them to become self sufficiant and prosper as they transition to a space of self reliance. Instiling a deep sense of self confidence.

  • Nature rehabilitation and comunity building programs, that will focus on educating all ages of the impacts we can have on our natural environment and the animals we share this planet with. Funding for ocean clean up programs and animal protection will be implimneted, while holding cool creative events that allow people of all ages to participate in the outreach of the Ominira Global Foundation.

  • Mental health and awarness programs, mainly focused on young adults that struggle with the ever growing mental health issues that have been neglected for so long. This foundation and its supporting corporation are built with the support of the communities and minds of thousands of people around the world. It's our obligation to give back to the people and support them in living a mentally healthy life where creativity and positvitiy can flourish. 

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