Advanced Facebook Retargeting Ads (Chain Sequencing)

This avanced retargeting facebook ads strategy will drastically increase your ad revenue, retargeting facebook ads are some of the most profitable campaigns I run.

Creating The Audiences

  • When you create your audiences, make sure you seperate them into 30 day and 7 day.

  • Titling your audiences clearly is very improtant, just like with any other type of ad campaign this will help you stay organized.

  • Make sure you create seperate audiences for all bottom and top funnel events. If your not sure what these events are, reference the template at the bottom of this blog.

Creating The Campaign

  • Make sure you seperate the campaign into the two different sizes (30 day and 7 day) this can be done at the ad set level.

  • The budget when starting out can be low (starting at $5) as you scale out the product and start to have more people in your audiences. Increase your budget so that your retargeting ads are getting served an appropriate amount of times.

  • When creating the ad sets, for the targeting include all the (30 day bottom funnel audiences) in the ad set. It's important to exlude all the (30 day top funnel audiences) to ensure they are not targeted.

  • Go through this same process for both the top and bottom funnels and for 7 and 30 days.

  • At the end of this you should have 4 ad sets in one campaign, when starting out you will only be activating the 30 day retargeting ad sets. Later on you will active the 7 day retargeting ad sets.

Creating The Ad

  • When creating your ad you want to include the videos that are currently running in your regular campaigns. Sometimes a buyer simply needs to see the ad again to make a purchase descision.

  • Each ad set should have your 2 active ads and 2 photo ads. The photo ads should highlight a main sales point for the product.

  • Sales points that I would highlight could be, "free shipping" or "50% off"

  • If you choose to do the 50% off ad, make sure you show the regular price and the discounted price directly on the ad image. Even though this buyer already saw the product page and knew it was discounted, seeing that discount on an ad flicks a switch in buyers brains and they are more willing to buy.

Advanced Retargeting

  • After starting with your 30 day retargeting ads, you will then want to start your 7 day retargeting ads.

  • The 7 day retargeting ads are a bit more specific to getting customer to convert that have seen your ad very recently.

  • In the 7 day retargeting ads you would include special offers, and highlight key sales points taking them through the chaining sequence.

  • In the chaining sequence each video should overcom 2 objectives and include at least 1 selling point

  • Video #1 would target the most common sales point, something that is the reason the majority of people would buy.

  • Video #2 is shown to people that have already viewed the first video, in this one you present the second most common sales point and overcome 2 different objections. the purpose is to find what sales point or objections need to be addressed for this person to buy.

  • Video #3 higlights the third sales point and the smallest audience and overcome two objections. By this point you should have highlighted 3 different sales points and overcome 6 different objections.

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