Coronavirus Dropshipping Vaccine | Shipping Times And Cost (TRUTH)

Today I go over the coronavirus vaccine and how it will affect dropshipping costs and shipping times. I give the complete truth with details and updates on everything to do with COVID-19, shipping times and dropshipping.

Shipping Times And Costs

  • All shipping times are delayed due to lack of air traffic, cargo is not only carried on cargo planes but on passenger planes too.

  • This lack of air traffic is resulting is the cost for space on the few flights that are going out, rising dramatically.

  • Since there are so few flights the time it takes for a new airplane to be ready to take your packages, is taking much longer.

  • The costs of shipping and the times it takes for the package to be delivered will only go up as the virus continues into a potential second wave.

  • I mention in the video, the only way these costs and shipping times will go down, is if a vaccine is discovered. Scaling products while betting on the cost of shipping and time to go down is just straight stupid.

  • The costs of shipping and the shipping times will garunteed go up, as the entire travel industry is forced to place more restrictions on flights due to the anticipation of th second wave.

  • Not only will there be greater restrictions set in place in regards to the second wave, the fear of the second wave will hold people back from booking flights

How To Plan For The Future

  • If you have the money and want to keep dropshipping, you will want to proceed with ordering bulk inventory and sending it to a warehouse in the country you are mainly selling.

  • You want to pause all ads to other countries and only focus on selling to the country that you have inventory in.

  • If you dont have the fund to support this structure DO NOT DROPSHIP RIGHT NOW.

  • Until this pendemic results in a cure or blows over, there are too many variable that will result in your business being highly affected.

  • Dropshipping during this time is highly volitile, shipping costs and times could change durastically within a couple days

  • Plan ahead while things are on pause, do product researc, get ads and product pages lined up and created.

  • Get ready for when things are shipping normally, so that when the time comes you can launch several products and get to scaling a winner right away.

Track The Virus And The Vaccine

  • Track the virus not the shipping times or costs, the shipping times and costs are changing so spuratically they cannot be trusted.

  • Focus on the virus and the vaccine, see how it's progressing and watch the economy to see where its going.

  • Shipping costs and times will decrease once the travel restrictions on comercial airlines are droped or eased off and people can proceed with flying.

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