Dropshipping For Beginners 2020

I expain dropshipping for beginners in 2020, I go over all the things you need to start dropshipping, with the highest chance of success. The majority of people will try something and if they fail they give up, this video is meant to give you a checklist for sucess. This will help you minimize errors and improve your chances of a smooth launch into the business of dropshipping.

Basic Money Management

  • Work a job top maintin the positive cash flow into the business. This can be working for a company, doing contract work on Fiverr or Upwork or some other form of income.

  • Make sure you have some kind of savings ready for scaling ads and fulfilling orders. Theres nothing worse then getting good ads and not having the money to fulfill your orders. I recommend a minimum of $200-$400 to start out, with the positive cash flow still available.

  • Have a payment method set up, this can be a visa debit, paypal or a credit card. I strongly suggest a credit card as its the easiest for money tracking and use.

  • Seperate your banking accounts and payment methods. If possible open an account at a completely different bank then the one you do your personal banking at. This will ensure your personal income and expenses don't get mixed up with your business income and expenses.

  • Create a paypal business account, once your store is set up we will be accepting payments via credit cards and paypal. Having a paypal business account is necessary as over 30% of customers will feel more comfortable checking out with Paypal.

Creating The Store

  • Create a gmail account with your store name. Make sure you use your store name as this is the email customers will be contacting you at when they have order issues.

  • Start your 14 day free shopify trial, this will give you a bit of time to set up your store before your first monthly payment comes out. The goal is to have the store all set up and ready to go before this trial runs out.

  • Add all your payment information to shopify. This includes your credit card to pay for your monthly subscription and fees. Then also add your bank account, this is the account you want Shopify to deposit your earnings into.

  • When starting out you can use shopify payments for your store, once you start to get a bit bigger and more experienced you will want to switch over to stripe.

  • Add all the necessary apps to your store, I included all the links to the apps I think are necessary when starting out at the bottom of this blog. Make sure you add all of them and calculate the cost of the payed ones into your monthly expenses.

  • Create all the legal pages for your store, shopify has an option of autopopulating these pages. Simply go through the auto population and make sure these pages can be found in the footer of your store.

  • Set up your shipping options, I tipically like to set up my shipping options as T4 and rest of world. For the T4 countries I will offer free shipping and priority payed shipping. For rest of world i only offer free shipping. This is because you can normally get faster shipping for T4 countries but cannot for the rest of the world.

  • Create your logo, make sure your logo is a creative design and easy to ready. If you use colours in the logo, make sure they are very easy to look at colours as the rest of your stores colours will match.

  • Choose your theme, when starting out the free shopify themes work just fine. I recommend using Debut or Brooklyn to start out.

  • Create a contact us page that will link back to your email, this can be a basic page but should be kept in your stores header to ensure its easy for customers to access.

Ad Creation Options

  • I beleive for all product ads you should start with video ads, there are only a few exeptions as to where a photo ad would work. So lets just stick with video ads and get good at those.

  • Choose a good video editing software, I personally use final cut pro. If you don't want to use final cut pro some other options are Adobe Premier, Canva, Inshot, and Imovie.

  • Make sure you choose an editing software that makes it easy to add text to the video as you will need to do this when creating video ads.

Social Media And Email Setup

  • Create a Facebook page, you want to make sure you use your store logo as the profile picture and a good creative cover photo. Fill out all the basic page information and set the delivery time to the maximum. This will ensure you get less negative feed back in regards to shipping times.

  • Create an instagram account, make sure you use your stores name and the logo as your profile picture. Add a small bio and then the link to your store.

  • Creat a Pinterest profile, your not going to be using this to grow a following just for running ads. Still ensure you have your logo as your profile picture and a small bio about the business.

  • Add your logo to your gmail profile picture, this will make you look more branded when communicating with customers via email. Your logo will appear in each message.

  • Create a email signature that include your customer support rep name and the company logo. This is a small but essential step in maintaining brand image.

Main Things To Remember

  • Having positive cash flow is absolutely necessary when starting out. Until the business is at a point where it can fund itself, you need to be the positive cash flow. So don't quit your day job just yet.

  • Join the EcomCreed Masters group (link at the bottom). When starting out you will haev questions, this group is a great place to post your questions and get valuable feedback from myself and other group members.

  • Keep everything in your store very branded. This is why we add the logo to our emails and our social media. Keeping your logo on everything makes you appear as a real brand, which will instill confidence in the buyer that they purchased from the right store.

  • Choose a generic name that can be used for any product. When starting out the last thing you want to do is limit yourself to one product or one niche. Your a beginner, so you don't have the skills to know exactly what niche or product is right for you yet.

  • Try to get a credit card as your main form of payment method. This will make things easier in every way and if you choose a cash back credit card you can get a lot of cash back when you start to really spend on Facebook ads.

  • Seperate all business expenses from your personal, this could mean having a seperate account for business or a completely seperate bank. Either way make sure things are seperate so you can keep track of your business cash flow.

Links To Programs And Softwares

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