I explain how dropshipping works and how you can make money from it as a beginner. This is a step by step tutorial to give you a complete understanding of the business model.

Business Model Breakdown

  • You go set up a store using shopify, shopify hosts your store so that your don't have to go and create your entire website platform

  • After creating your store you find products to sell on your store from Aliexpress.

  • You then import the products to your store form Aliexpress using a Shopify app called Dsers. Once the product is on your store you mark the price up by 2-3x the cost of purchasing it on Aliexpress.

  • You then need to run ads or do organic campaigns to get people to go to your website.

  • Once people start coming to your website and see your products, they proceed with making a purchase.

  • After they make a purchase on your store, you then take their shipping information and make the same purchase for the same product on Aliexpress. (instead of putting your shipping address, you put the customers)

  • You then go through and repeat this process with hundreds of customers, then thousands then hundreds of thousands.

Can You Make Money Dropshipping

  • Yes you can make money dropshipping, ridiculous amounts of money. It all comes down to how hard your willing to work and how long you are willing to put that work in.

  • This is a business, just like any business it requires you to put in time and effort to build it and grow it.

  • Dropshipping is great for starting out with minimal risk and the potential for a massive return.

Should You Start Dropshipping

  • Yes 100%, if you are determined to start an online business this is by far the best business to start. The low risk and high return enables you to start right away and build at your own pase.

  • There are so many resources available for you on the CREED that failure is only a matter of how commited you are to building the business.

  • Make sure you watch all the vidoes on the CREED to ensure you have a complete understanding of all the parts of the business.

  • Make sure you join the EcomCreed Masters Group on Facebook and ask as many questions as you need answers for. The CREED is there for you and we want to see you succeed in this business.

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