How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store Product Page With Shopify (2020)

In this video I take you step by step through my product page creation flow. I highlight the main things that you need to include in a good product page and explain the things you want to make sure you don't include. Explanations of color sychology and how it affects a buyers purchasing descisions and perceptive branding techniques are explain thoroughly as I guide you through the entire process.

Establishing a page flow

  • Congruency is key, you want to make sure that everything from your colors to your product images all match up and blend nicely together. When you go through and review your prodcut page you want to make sure that everything flows nicely and there are no parts on the page that stand out (in a bad way). If you notice a section that looks weird or bad, your customer will notice that section to.

  • The easiest way to make your page look professional and flow nicely is color matching. Make sure that all the colors match on your product page, logo, and checkout pages. When choosing a color, you want to choose one that not only works with your stores theme but also gives off a certain feeling and emotion. When it comes to colors there is so much more to it then just choosing a color, but to make things easy I recommend going with one of these colors (blue, yellow, green, pink, (black if used with another color)

  • To establish a good level of customer sucurity, trust badges can be very affected when placed in specific spots. The only places I recommend puting trust badges is on your checkout page and a nice clean looking badge below your "add to cart" button. These badges should only indicate that all payyments are secure and that you accept certain types of payments. I don't recommend using any kind of badges that indicate "best service, fast shipping" or any of these kind of things. These type of badges look spammy qand unprofession and typically will make the customer feel like the website is not as professional. (look at big companies and their websites, they don't have any silly trust badges)

  • Focus on creating a good page layout, you want a clear precise page with minumal clutter. You don't want to include an excessive amount of text or photos, this will become overwhelming for the buyer and they will loose interest in the purpose of the product (resulting in them loosing interest in the product). Keeping the page clean with a good amount of images and text, seperated evenly is the ideal product page. Be sure to include a clean looking GIF on the page, if your product solves a problem. This is a good way to quickly refresh there memory on what the product can do for them.

  • Make sure you're using good quality images and strategically choosing their placement. Taking an image of the product solving a problem and puting it at the bottom of the product page is a good practice. This will result in the buyer reaching the bottom of the page, then getting a quick refresher on what the product can do for them before scrolling back to the top to add the product to their cart. I'll tipically use around 4-5 images in a product page, with 1-2 lines of text inbetween. You never want too much text all together, this is very boring to read, so seperate the text with a nice image.

Customizing Reviews And Photos To Look Branded

  • Customize the reviews that you add to your store, if your using the app Ali reviews they make this very easy to do. I know it may seam like a waste of time, but these little details are what will set you apart from your competition.

  • Make sure all the reviews are in good english, its okay to have some spelling errors since that looks more real but you don't want other languages or sloppy english.

  • Depending on the product you can go and edit your logo onto the product, tipically this doesn't need to be the actual logo but can instead be the name of your company. You can edit the logo onto the product images using the free software "Canva". This is a good way to make your store look branded and if done right people wil strongly beleive they are ordering directly from your brand. This technique is called perceptive branding, the buyer will perceive that the product is branded. When they receive an unbranded product it doesn't matter, you will only get a hand full of people asking why the logo isn't on the product.

  • Include volume tiered discounts on your product page, the link can be found below. You want to include this as your first upsell, the only time I wouldn't include this upsell is if the product costs more then $50. In this case a good post purchase or similar product upsell would work great.

  • Make sure you have a couple 3 star reviews, it looks very suspicious if all the reviews are 4-5 stars. Just because the reviews are 3 stars doesn't mean they have to be horrible, you want to create good negative reviews (Example: The package arrived damaged which was a bit annoying, but support was fast and they issued a replacement right away). These kind of reviewes indicate that the customer had an issue which resulted in the 3 stars but the issue was resolved right away (a good, bad review)

  • Add a sticky ad to cart button to your product page, this is absolutely crucial especially when optimizing for mobile. The last thing people want to do it have to scroll all the way back to the top after reading all the reviews and desciption. Make things easy for the customer and have the add to cart button appear when they get close to the bottom. A link for my favourite sticky cart button can be found below.

  • Make sure all your product images are the same size, theres nothing worse then going through the product images on mobile and the screen has to adjust for the image sizes. This looks really un professional and can easilty be fixed, so make sure all your images are the same size using "Canva".

  • Once your page is complete, make sure you test everything on mobile. over 60% of all your customers will be mobile users, if your page isn't optimized for mobile your making their experience annoying. Simply go to your website on your phone and make sure the whole experience is smooth and easy to use.

Main Things To Remember

  • Congruency on all parts of the website is absolutely crucial.

  • Only put a few clean looking trust badges on the product page and checkout page.

  • Make sure your page is easy to read (correct text sizes and a reasonable amount of text)

  • Make sure all product images are the same size.

  • Test your product page on mobile before you start running ads.

  • Add a couple 3 star reviews with reasonable feedback.

  • Choose the right colors

  • Make sure you use some kind of upsell on your front or back end, or both.

Links To Programs And Softwares

  • Sticky add to cart:

  • Volume Tiered Discounts:

  • Ali Reviews:

  • Canva:

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