How To Create Dropshipping Video Ads

In this video I take you step by step through my ad creation process, I primarily work with video ads, so thats what I'll be creating in this video. There are only a few cases where I would use picture ads, tipically if I'm advertising some kind of clothing, running a branding campaign or a retargeting campaign. In these cases I will use picture ads, since they are very affective. When launching a product, video ads are the way to go.

Creating The Hook

  • The hook is what catches the viewer, it should be 2-3 seconds long and highlight the main benefit of the product.

  • For an affective video ad you want to have a main hook at the beginning, then spread mini hooks throughout the video. Then again at the end re interating the main hook.

  • Present what the viewer is thinkining then provide the solution. If you can read their mind and provide what their looking for, this makes thing super easy for them. Customersw love easy, they want the path of least resistance.

  • Use engaging text that connects with the viewer. Theres nothing worse then a video ad that has incredably boring text that barely relates to the cutomers needs. Keep the text short and to the point, especially in your hook clip.

Tell A Good Storey

  • No one wants to watch something thats boring. Make sure your telling a storey of a person or product, that highlights exactly what the viewer wants to see. IF the product solves a problem, show someone with that problem using the product as a solution. If the product make someone happy, show a person finding joy using the product.

  • It's incredably important to show the product doing exactly what the viewer would expect it to do. If you hooked them properly with the main benefit, they now want to see that main benefit in action.

  • Every great storey has a build up and a climax. You want to incorporate several of these into your storey to keep the viewer engaged. These are the mini hooks that you will spread throughout the ad.

  • Add a minimal amount of clear text thats easy to read. Theres two things that are so annoying to see, text thats hard to read and text that doesn't even remotely relate to what the viewer wants to read.

Conclude Your Storey

  • End your storey strong by reiterating the main benefits of the product. Think of this as your final hook that will drag them to your product page, which hopefully if you watched my "how to create a winning product page" video. Your page will have a nice liitle hook waiting for them in the opening statements. If you didn't watch this video it can be found below.

  • Include a call to action, once the video ends you don't want the viewer to have to think about what to do next. Clearly tell them what to do. Your guiding the viewer, don't leave them hanging at the end wondering what to do.

  • Add a unique value proposition at the end of the video. This is typically something about your company that will instill trust and set you apart form your competition. I like to include a satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 customer support, of course make sure you have whatever you are promising.

  • I always include my stores logo at the end, on Facebook there are so many fan pages and it can get confusing for the viewer when they click "shop now" on an ad from dogsdaily, then land on a website call Including a photo of your store logo at the end will imprint that in their mind, then when they arrive at your store the logo is there and it reassures them they are at the right place.

Main Thing To Remember

  • Highlight the main benefit of the product in the first seconds (hook)

  • Reiterate the main benefit of the product at the end (final hook)

  • Put mini hooks throughout the entire video to keep the viewer engaged

  • Include a call to action at the end

  • Use minimal clear text, that relates to what the customer wants to hear

  • Keep it entertaining with constant smooth transitions

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