How To Find Winning Dropshipping Products (step by step)

In this video I explain exactly how you can find a winning dropshipping product from scratch, whether your a beginner or an expert. This step by step guide will go over winning product criteria, how to find the winning product and product confirmation techniques to impliment before testing with ads.

Winning Product Criteria

  • Does the product solve a problem

  • Are there recent comments on the winning ad

  • Does the product have a reasonable amount of orders on Aliexpress

  • Is the product trending on google trends

  • When you see the product, does it have a WOW FACTOR

  • Is it a part of a passionate niche (only exception is a problem solving product)

  • Are there several people currently or in the past selling it

  • Would you buy the product if it was meant for you

Different Ways To Find Your Winner

Method #1: Aliexpress category search

  • Go to all the categories in the aliexpress catelog, find the niche or category that you feel will be the best fit for your marketing. Under each category filter the products by "orders", this will bring up all the best selling product in that category.

  • You want to find a product that really stands out and has a unique identifying factor. Basically you are looking for something that catches your eye, because if it catches your eye it most likely will catch the eye of your potential customers.

  • I also like sort by "best match" i find this gives some of the most trending products in that category and can be a good place to find a unique winner.

  • Once you've identified a product that you beleive hase potential you will need to take it through product verifaction steps to ensure the product has potential. You want to do this before running ads or you will just be wasting money.

Method #2: Big Spy Product Research Tool

  • The big spy product research tool is a great way to find trending products that are already selling. It gives you the ability to see the winning ads and really get a good understanding of how the products being advertised and the competitions store sturcture.

  • Using big spy you can find a product, the ad that goes with it and the company thats advertising it. This gives you all the information you would need to do a complete product analyses and determine if you can create a better version of this already successfull funnel.

  • Once you find a product, determine if you can create a better ad and a better landing page. If you can do these two things you have a potential winner, still go through the product verification steps before launching ads to prevent unnecessary spending.

  • This tool is perfect for finding a niche to work in, as you can see examples of what other stores are doing and copy them. What works for someone else can and will work for you.

Method #3: Turbo Ad Finder On Facebook

  • This is by far my favourite way of doing product research, it gives you the most up to date information on winning ads and funnel potential.

  • With this method you can find a winning ad and determine if the product thats being advertised can be improved upon. If it can then you can go ahead and start testing.

  • With this method there is no need for product verification, if the ad that is showing the product has a bunch of engagment (specifically people commenting about how they baught it or tagging their friends). This shows proof of concept that the prodcut is working for that store and it can work for you too.

  • You want to look through the comments and see what people are saying, maybe there is an issue they are having with that store that you can fix. Simple changes in a funnel can result in you absolutely destroying the competition, even if your a bit later to the market.

  • Scroll through your Facebook with the turbo ad finder on and when a product catches your eye and has that WOW FACTOR start marketing it. If the product also solves a problem you got your self a highly potential winner.

Method #4: Compiling A List Of Succeful Dropshipping Stores

  • This method is very affective if you know the store you are following has continued success and is in fact dropshipping their products.

  • If you knwo they are dropshipping, you can periodically check their Facebook page active ads and see what need products they are testing. If a certain new products has several different ads and new ones constantly being launched, this means they are beginging the scaling process and that product is a potential winner.

  • Compile a list of 5-10 different stores and commit to checking their pages at least once per week. You will be suprised at how many potential winner you will find.

  • The nice thing about this method is they are doing the testing for you. If they are continually launching more ads, this means they already tested the product and it showed 6 figure ptoential. Hop on baord with their trending product and see where it takes you.

Method #5: Ad Spy Product Research Tool

  • This is essentially Big Spy on steriods, there are a lot more features on ad spy that can help you find a potential winner. This is a great tool to use but it does cost money and with the FREE big spy alternative I don't beleive it's really necessary.

  • With that in mind, if you do have a bit of extra money to spend, this is a great tool to conduct product searches and find that hidden banger.

Method #6: Keyword Search On Alibaba

  • This method can be very affective for finding a long term product something that can be sold for a long time and potentially build a brand around it.

  • Simply go to Alibaba and search "hot on Amazon" this will bring up a bunch of products that are trending on amazon. Don't be affraid that the product is on Amazon, pretty much 95% of all products can be found on Amazon.

  • Look for a product that really pops out to you, has a massive WOW FACTOR. It also helps to find a product that solves a problem.

  • Once you find a product you can then take the product through the product verification steps, to ensure the prodcut has potential before you start spending bands on ads.

Product Verification Before Testing With Ads

  • Search for the product on Facebook, you want to see if there are other people advertising the product. If you can find other stores that recently launched ads for the product, click to their page and see if there are actively launching ads. If they are, this means they tested the product and it worked!

  • Search for the product on google, simply put in (*product name* + shopify). This will bring up all the shopify stores that ranked the highest on google for that product. Tipically if a store ranks higher on google that means they are driving more traffic to that product page. Click to the store and try to find their Facebook page, then see what kind of active ads they are running.

  • Check google trends using different search terms that relate to the product. You want to see a steady trend up, this data is not necesary but can be helpful as a secondary confirmation method.

  • If the product can be found on Amazon see the product ranking and monthly income using Unicorn Smasher. This can be very useful in determining if the product has potential, if its selling good on Amazon that means theres demand and it can sell good on your store.

  • Search for multiple listings on Aliexpress for the product and run the url through the dropshipping center analytics. Again you want to see a consistant wave chart, this indicates the product is actively being dropshipped in large volumes.

  • Make sure you can create a better product page and ad then what your current competition has. If you don't beleive you can do even the slightest improvement, you may want to consider a differnt product. Your competition was first to market and the only way to beat them is to be better.

Main Things To Remember

  • The product needs to solve a problem or have a wow factor.

  • Ideally you want to launch a proven product (something that is already selling)

  • Take the product through the verification process before you spend time creating a product page or ad.

  • Make sure you find a solid supplier on Aliexpres that has a decent amount of orders. Last thing you want is to start advertising the product but then cant find a good supplier.

  • Make sure the product on Aliexpress has good reviews, remember if people hate it on Aliexpress they will hate it on your store too. This will jsut lead to charge backs and Facebook page bans.

  • Ideally you will find a winning ad on Facebook to copy and model your ad around. If you can find an ad check and make sure it has recent comments (people talking about how they ordered or people tagging their friends)

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