How To Find A Winning Products For Dropshipping | Shopify 2020

In this video I take you through a brand new method of finding winning products. Not only does this method help you find winning products, it also helps you find insight into the customers that interact with your ads.

Saving The Ad

  • You want to make sure you go through and save the ad that you want to further investigate. This will make the entire process easier, I like to save ads in to a specific folder.

  • Make sure you go through your own funnel so that you get targeted by your own ads. Once this happens again make sure you go through and save the ad so that on the backend you can see what the viewers were looking at.

Identifying Key Data

  • Make sure you are saving ads that line up with the niche or product line that you want to find other products for. If you have a general store just go wild and save all the ads.

  • Tipically if you save a dropshipping ad the person that clicked on it most likely clicked on similar ads.

  • You want to look for information on what interests the customer, see what niches they interacted with, see what kind of products they are looking for.

Main Things To Remember

  • You want to save only dropshipping ads, this will ensure you get fed only dropshipping ads and the customer most likely interacts with other dropshipping ads.

  • Make sure you save your ad and go through this process, the valuable data you get can help you when it comes to targeting for the product.

  • Look for the main things that interest the customer, you can tell a lot about what interests a person by the videos that they save and watch.

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