How To Start Dropshipping From Scatch With No Money

In this video I will go over the 3 main ways I would start dropshipping if I were to go back to the beginning. This is a detailed tutorial that will give you exactly what you need to start out in dropshipping and find success right away. All 3 methods of starting dropshipping are proven to work and in my opinion are the most affective ways of starting this business model.

The 3 Main Options I Would Go With

Option #1: Low cost shopify store

  • Start with a 14 day free shopify trial, this will give you the opportunity to start building your store and getting all backend systems in place before launch without spending money.

  • Get all the main recommened apps that will be needed for your store, all apps are not necessary but at least the free ones should be added to your store.

  • Setup a basic shopify store with a generic name that can be used for any product. Don't choose a stupid name like "dealsforreals" choose a generic name that can be used for anything like "romais"

  • Find a winning product to begin testing, you can use the video below as a guide to finding a perfect winning product.

  • Make sure you have a credit card, if you don't have one borrow one from a relative and pay them to use it. If you absolutaley cannot get a credit card, you can use paypal or visa debit cards for the majority of things. But a credit card makes everything much easier.

  • Create a pinterest business account to run ads, this account will also be a regular pinterest account for posting pins to get organic reach.

  • Once your store is set up and you have selected a product to advertise, create a stunning product page and get ready to launch your first ads.

  • To create a pinterest ad please refer to the video below, this step by step tutorial will walk you through how to create the ad and manage it.

  • The reason I recommend pinterest ads to start instead of Facebook or Instagram influencers is because its easy to make an ad go viral. The other very beneficial part of Pinterest ads is the original pin created for the ad is still an organic pin (post), since you're running ads to this post the Pinterest algorithm thinks the post is very enticing. This results in Pinterest organically promoting your pin to thousands of people and you end up getting both paid and organic sales. It's a win win.

Option #2: Dropshipping on Amazon

  • Create an individual pro seller plan on Amazon and set up your account. Once your account and all the back end information is complete and your account has been verified your ready to go.

  • Make sure you set up things like banking information, business name and legal address. Amazon will guide you through all the main stuff you need so just follow their step by step guide.

  • Once your account is set up and your authorized to start selling on Amazon, you want to start looking for listings that you can piggy back on. Piggy backing means you find an existing listing for a product on amazon and sellect the "sell this product" button. This will make you a potential seller for that listing page and product, without you having to do all the backend work of building out a listing.

  • Once you find a listing to piggy back on make sure the brand associated with the listing is a generic brand and that the main sellers on the listing aren't the same as the brand name.

  • Once you confimed the listing is a generic product with generic sellers you can start looking on Aliepress for the same product.

  • Make sure on your back end you adjust your shipping times to allign with the length it will take for your Aliexpress supplier to ship the product to the customer.

  • Now that you have your spot on the listing, you found the same product on Aliexpress and your showing as a seller option. Your goal is to win the buy box, this means that when someone visits the product page, your the seller that appears first.

  • The most affective way of winning the buy box at the begining is to set your pirces lower then your competition. Since your dropshipping this will be possible as your competition has several other fees to consider in their price.

  • Once you win the buy box you will see your company name listed as the one to buy from, at this point just watch the sales come pouring in with absolutely no ad spend (this is why this method is so affective for starting out)

  • As the orders come in, just like dropshipping on shopify. You will need to go to Aliexpress and fulfill the orders to your customers. When starting out simply open the order on Amazon and copy and paste all the customer information into the order form on Aliexpress.

  • Remember this is just a way of learning dropshipping and gaining a bit of cash flow while you learn. You will not be building out a big dropshipping store on Amazon as this isn't affective now days.

  • Make sure that as you fulfill orders you keep order logs on an excell sheet, lining up the Aliexpress order numbers with your Amazon order numbers.

  • As you gain more experience and money start to transition to your own store. Now that you know how to do things and have a bit of money to work with, I recommend transitioning to Option #1.

Option #3: Open a Fiverr account and build websites and ad creatives

  • Why this method is so good for starting out is because your basically getting payed to learn. With this method you want to keep in mind that your offering a service for money, so doing your own back end learning and education is your responsibility. To ensure you deliver a good service to who ever hired you.

  • Create a posting for the services you will be offering, I recommend you offer website building and ad creative creation. These two things can be learned from watching youtube videos and typically most people that hire you don't really know how to do it themselves. So they are less likely to critique your work, still make sure you give it your all and deliver the best service you can.

  • On top of creating your own listings, actively search for other peoples listings requesting those services. Reach out to thesee people and be polite and proffesional while you offer your services to them.

  • Make sure you put a lot of time and research into the services your providing. The person is basically paying you to learn how to do something, so make sure your puting in the hours to learn. As you do it more the better you will get, whcih is what were going for because eventually you will use those skills to build your own store and ads.

  • As you gain more experience and money start to transition to your own store. Now that you know how to do things and have a bit of money to work with, I recommend transitioning to Option #1.

Main Things To Remember

  • Whatever option you choose remember to think long term and be professional, thinking quick money will get you nowhere.

  • If you start with options 2 or 3, keep in mind they are simply stepping stones to get you back to option #1. These other options can be built out long term too but thats not he objective of how they are implemented using the strategy I am sharing.

  • Always give good customer service, make sure the customer is happy. No matter what option you decide to start with.

  • Initial cash flow is necessary to succeed in dropshipping, whether it be (Fiverr, Amazon, A side Business or a job) you need to maintian cash flow in.

  • If you start with option #1 do not scale the product agressively if you find a winner right away. You won't have sufficient amounts of money to sustain this, instead gradually scale the product and as you gain more money increase the ad spend.

  • If you start with option #2 make sure you're piggy backing on generic listings and not branded listings. Trying to sell on a branded product page or against a brand on Amazon will get you banned really fast.

  • If you start with option #3 make sure you research the service your offering like crazy. They don't know that your just starting off, so don't give them a reason to be suspicious. Provide an exceptional service and get paid while you learn.

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