This is how you get more social proof on your facebook ads! ✅ Compound all your likes, comment and shares on your facebook ads

Create A Custom Ad

  • First start by creating your custom ad in a new ad set.

  • Make sure you set everything up exactly how you want it, cause this ad is what will be used for all future ad sets.

  • When you create an ad, it will create two different post ID.

  • To keep everything organized, always select the bottom post ID

Implimenting The Ad ID

  • Go over to your page posts and find the ad that you just created.

  • Take this ad and copy the post ID, this will be used for all you new ads

  • Once you impliment the ad ID into your ad, make sure you do this in a new ad set.

  • All future duplications of this ad set will use that exhisting post ID and accumulate all the social proof onto that one single ad.

  • This will increase your social proof and keep all your social engagement on the one ad.

  • Make sure that if you create any new ads, you do this exact same process. Or you will be creating new ad ID everytime you duplicate an adset.

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