Personal Care - How To Be Happy And Love Yourself

In this video I have a really cool guest, Jeremy Hoffman on the show to talk about our minds, souls and personal perceptions. We engage in a discussion about human pain and struggle when it comes to being ourselves. Solutions to depression, anxiety, and stress are all covered in the jam packed episode of the Perceived Podcast.

Steps To Reconnect With Yourself

  • Go through daily breathing exercises: Taking time to even take 2-3 deep breathes can have a massive effect on your mental health. We discuss how using your breathe when placed in a situation that brings on anxiety and stress can releive these symptoms.

  • Engage with the engergy instead of a ignoring or trying to remove it. All energy has it's place, including ancxiety, stress, depression. It's so easy to ignor it or try to remove it, but whats hard is looking right at it and interpreting it. Take the time to find out why your feeling this way, when you take the time to understand the energy, you then can process it and truly move on.

  • In the video I explain an analogy that clearly depicts this situation. The energy is like a river, when you introduce even the smallest pebble, you're creating resistants to that flow. If we choose to push anxiety, stress or depression to the side and ignore it. We are leaving that pebble in the river, constantly creating resistants to the flow. All things need to be processed, they all have a place and a lesson to be learned. Take the time to engage and learn, in turn you will reap the benefits.

  • Using a journal is a great way to document your thoughts and your ability to process. When you write out what your thinking you're truly able to see how your mind is processing certain things. If your writing is very negative, you're processing things in a negative way and are very likely to push them to the side. If your writing is positive, you're processing things in a positive way and are likely to complete the process and get the benefit of removing that rock from the river.

Letting The Energy Flow Freely

It's so easy to fall into the routine of controling our lives, we're tought from a very small age that you need to do this to acheive this. All these main structures such as school and work, that we all currently are or were a part of. Teach us that you need to do certain things to acheive certain things. Plan ahead, make sure you know what you need to do to get where you want to be in the next five years, is what people will tell you.

This is not true at all, the world is constantly changing. What might be the logical path to acheiving what you want may not be the logical path 1 month from now. Restricting the freedom of who you are and the world around you, is like purposely puting pebles in the river. Trying to direct the flow to where you thing it should go, the river was never meant to be menipulated like this.

Instead of trying to control outcoms, create a certain destiny that you imagined. I ask you instead, to let the energy flow freely. Truly engage with the direction it takes you and place no restrictions or limitations on what it has to offer. There is so much for you to discover and create, all it takes is for you to get out of your way.

Breathwork (Basic Excercise)

  • Sit down on the ground or a comfortable chair/couch. For this exercise I strongly encourage you to close your eyes, this removes the external distractions.

  • As you sit there I want you to begin just a basic breathe in and out.

  • Continue this basic breathe gradually getting deeper and deeper with the breathe. Increase the amount of time spent on the exhal and inhale. The focus is to begin deep breathing.

  • Once in this state of deep breathe, I want you to focus in on the different feelings your experiencing. The goal here is to remove all other distrations and focus just on how your feeling.

  • If your feeling sad, breathe and focus on the sadness. If your feeling happy, breathe and focus on the joy. As you breathe engage with the emotion, make it real.

  • Do not try to avoid, sadness, anxiety and stress. Instead engage with them, interact with them and understand them.

  • Continue breathing into these different energies, with each breathe getting a deeper understanding of them.

  • When you feel your ready, take the time to thank yourself out loud. Say something like "thank you for engaging with this beautiful energy". It's good to verbally engage with ourselves, especially when we are choosing to go through what most won't or don't want to.

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