Top 5 Dropshipping Questions Answered Paypal Holds Shipping Times and Facebook Bans

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Dropshipping Slow Shipping times

  • This is something that you should be aware of, but don't be overly conscerned with.

  • Make sure you clearly inform your customers, this is the best way to keep disputes down and ensure the customer is happy.

  • Try your best to get the fastest shipping times and when scalling a product try to find an agent to get you faster shipping times.

  • Informing the customer of their estimated delivery date in the order shipment email, is the best location. Because the customer will receive this after the package was shipped out.

  • Keep track of the changing shipping times and make sure your up to date on what shipping carriers and methods are working best.

Facebook Ad Account Bans

  • This is something so many people face, and the majority of the time it's because they are in fact violating facebook policies.

  • Make sure that you try your best to abide by facebook policies. If a product is poor quality or if you cannot get shipping times under 35 days, you should stop selling the product.

  • Make sure you ads and product page clearly describe the product, selling a product that is different from your ads is a quick way to get banned.

  • Make sure you watch your account quality and see if you get any declined ads or backend policy violations.

  • If you have ads dissaproved, find out why and if you know why. Do not try to get them approved, either create completely new ads or move on from the product.

Facebook Page Feedback Score

  • I have two different methods for fixing this issue that I describe in my videos on the @ecomcreed.

  • Choose a method that best suites your business goals, then stick with it so that you don't drop below the 2.0 score.

  • If your page drops below the 2.0, make sure you cut all ties to that page product and even your website domain.

  • If you get caught trying to market the same product, or even use the same website. Facebook could see this as a violation of their intervening policies.

  • Violating Facebooks intervening policies will result in ad account bans and potentially, complete facebook account bans.

Product Saturation

  • This for the most part is an illusion, products tend to get a poor rep more so then saturated.

  • Product saturation is not something you need to worry about, because there are so many products out there. You can easily find an untapped winner.

  • There are also evergreen products, these products never go out of style and can be sold year round. With these products, saturation can occur, because you could have several big players that have always been selling that product.

Paypal Holds

  • With paypal holds the best way to avoid them is make your business look trust worth.

  • Make sure you add all your business information in Paypal, including a bank account, credit card, and up to date estimated earnings.

  • Respond to all paypal cases as fast as possible, you need to show paypal that your actively dealing with the issues that are coming up

  • Try to deal with as many refunds and customer complains in your customer support email, so that they don't end up going to Paypal.

(Bonus) Is Dropshipping Dead

  • No dropshipping is not dead, it's simply getting a bit more complex.

  • Just like any industry, dropshipping is constantly evolving and you need to be constantly evolving with it.

  • Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest marketing methods and techniques.

  • The majority of people that start dropshipping, will quit after the first 3 months, this is why is doesn't matter that there are more people interested in dropshipping.

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