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(Learn How To Transition To a Brand)


You're Going To Discover:

✔ Best ways to do private fulfillment 

✔ Transitioning to long term ad structures 

✔ Micro influencer marketing and how to use it 

✔ Idea testing and transitioning 

Knowing what to do next, when you have a product or store that has branding potential is crucial. Thats why this section is a bonus I wanted to include, all thats needed is an honest review of the course. 

To Get Access Submit an Honest Review Of The MasterClass


✔ Make sure the video is shot in landscape, not portrait 

✔ Make sure your centred in the screen and not off to the side 

✔ Make sure the review is 1 to 5 minutes max. 2-3 minutes is the average.

✔ Share your personal experience and any key parts of the program that helped you. 

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