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Jonathan Molendijk runs 3 multi-million dollar corporations, spanning media creation, e-commerce, and digital marketing. Through his hard work, he's earned a name for himself in the e-commerce community. Helping people achieve success, through his in depth tutorials on how to start an online business. Jonathan has gradually expanded his personal and corporate brands, to position himself and his business in a place of massive influence on the world. Despite this success, it wasn't always like this. 

Early Life

In fact just a couple of years ago, Jon was a lost individual transitioning from job to job. No matter what he did, nothing seamed to be what he was looking for. 


After spending years as a plumber, hating every waking moment of his life. Jon made a decision to alter his path and step into the world of sales. 


This decision resulted in him immediately being tossed into the deep end, where he had to overcome a ridiculous amount of fears and doubts. That had been engrained in him throughout his childhood. 


Jon started his first ever sales job doing door to door sales. The experience gained from this position resulted in a new understanding of consumerism and how to sell to complete strangers. 


Business Expansion

After realizing the potential of sales, Jon embarked on his journey to find the ultimate sales position. After a quick google search of "how to make money online" the path he chose was e-commerce.

At 19 years old Jon decided to start selling items online, starting out in the worst possible way. without any understanding of finance or freedom, Jon's humble beginnings were still a massive obstacle to overcome. 


He started out Dropshipping products on Amazon, managing to make $6,000 in profits his first year in business. During the first year of Dropshipping on Amazon, Jon decided to try Dropshipping on Shopify. 


This is when things really started to take off. There was an extended period of learning and growth that was still needed. Coming from a poor family, Jon had several mental misconceptions of making money and how to spend it. There were several limiting mental frames that still needed to be broken, to get Jon to where he wanted to go. 



Today Jon runs several 6 figure e-commerce brands, a successful media company and has built out a large Amazon FBA business too. The main goal for Jon has always been to build something exceptional, something that will have an impact well beyond his time on earth. 

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The progress he made personally and professionally, is all thanks to a relentless commitment. This commitment resulted in personal success and success for others. The expansion of his media company has involved education and training for future entrepreneurs. Giving back the knowledge he has learned, to support he community and help people get started. 

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Helping Others

Every business in his eyes should have a give and take relationship. Through his personal brands influence and his business influence. Jon has made a substantial amount of money, and helped a substantial amount of people do the same. 

Experiencing what it was like to work a job, to feel lost in a space that didn't align with who he was . Gives Jon a unique perspective when it came to helping others achieve their dreams. Jon's purpose in life has always stayed true, through the good times and the bad times. 

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Growing up in several oppressive and limiting environments, Jon understands just how valuable freedom really is. Through his media outlets, Jon embarks on a journey to help anyone who is willing to put in the work. With his guidance, he plans to change lives forever. 

Coming from a poor background, Jon never wants money to be the reason why someone cannot succeed in the areas he teaches. This is why Jon offers an immense amount of FREE training and resources, to help individuals that cannot afford his paid programs. With a clear vision and understanding of who he is, and what he stands for. You can confidently follow Jon's training, knowing that he has your best interests in mind. With a purpose of guiding you to a brighter future. 


"Take everything from my story, absorb it, embrace it. Then get out there and write your own, cause this world needs you and all the unique gifts you have to offer"

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