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Aliexpress Alternatives With Faster Shipping Dropshipping 2020 [2-5 Day Shipping]

Aliexpress alternatives with faster shipping, get products delivered in 2-5 days. This is how I deal with slow shipping times in 2020.


  • Focus on finding a supplier that ships from the United States via USPS on Aliexpress first. This will give you the ability to dropship the traditional way before transitioning the product to private fulfilment.

  • When looking for a fulfilment center to work with, make sure they can offer you discounts if your shipment has more items in it.

  • Make sure you try to find products that have a high protential for multi orders. This will ensure you get the lowest cost for shipping of the product, keeping your net margins up.

  • Find a supplier in China that can ship your inventory directly to your distribution centre in the country you're selling in. You don't want to have to work with any other middle man as this will cause dilays and increase shipping costs.

  • Order a small amount of invenory to start, you want to run a basic test to see if the product has potential before you order thousands of dollars worth of inventory.

  • Ensure your distribution center and supplier are doing quality checks of the product, or you will have to deal with a large amount of damaged products.

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