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Best Interests To Target - Dropshipping Facebook Ads

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Tritarget Sequencing

  • When choosing interest it's important to use the tritarget sequence, this will ensure you have the highest quality interest spead accross three different audiences.

  • You want to start with product specific interests, these will be very accurate targeting for the product. But will tipically have a higher CPC and CPM.

  • Next you want to expand into the niche specific interests, these will be larger audiences, so make sure you narrow down the big audiences by a platnum keyword or "engaged shoppers"

  • You then want to go into ideal customer specific interests, these will tipically be cheaper audiences and are great for data collection. When it comes time to launch your ideal customer ads, the data from these interests is very valuable.

Using Suggestion And Narrowing Down

  • You want to use the suggestions as a way of finding several new interest. The best way of doing this is, input a platinum interest and find similar ones off that.

  • Make sure any auiences that are above 60 million, you narrow down. If the audience size is still above 60 million after you narrow down, that is fine.

  • With narrowing down you just want to make the audience a bit more specific.

  • When testing interest audiences, you want to make sure you are constantly cycling in new interests.

  • Interest audiences are no longer as profitable as they used to be, so you want to constantly add more to balance things out while you complete your data collection.

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