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Cognative Enhancement And Mental Manipulation Theory

Tactics and understanding of how to maintain mental balance, by not hitting highs or lows. Maintaining chemical and stimulatory balance.

This theory dives deep into our understanding of biological and chemical functions of the brain. With a slight twist into the unknown, the unexplained affects that our external and internal world have on our mental function and connection. How vastly can we be affected by our inner and outer world? How much control do we actually have over the events that transpire around and within us? This theory is purely based on speculation, however; I hope it brings to light answers to questions that so many people are asking, as they journey down the path of enlightenment and enhancement.

Written By: Jonathan Molendijk

Hello, my name's Jonathan Molendijk, I am a self-discovered ecommerce entrepreneur that has several years of buyer psychology study, with a massive fascination in human psychology and general function of the human mind. I have implemented and tested several variations of the tactics I'm about to share, in an effort to discover the most effective and consistent variation that worked for the vast majority of people who implemented it.


Over the years I have experienced several highs and lows in my life, both in business and personal aspects. For years, I treated these highs and lows as normal occurrences that were part of life and just had to be endured. I always loved the highs and always hated the lows. Early on in my business journey I recognized that with every high I would hit, there would always be a low that followed. My mind would never come back to a balanced state, instead it would drop below the balanced line and enter a low. At this point I would always have to implement tactics to get my mind back to a balanced state, lifting my mental frame from the low. After going through this mental roller coaster for a matter of years, gradually getting better at bringing myself back to a balanced state. I decided to change my focus, instead of coming back to a place of balance I would now focus on never entering a state of imbalance in the first place. This is where my theory on Cognitive Enhancement and Mental Manipulation comes into play. Our mind is malleable, we have the ability to change the chemical and physical structure of our brain, balancing out our chemistry and limiting our stimulation to maintain a balanced state. The world is designed to cause imbalance in our minds, we are constantly influenced by things around us that alter our mental chemistry and over stimulate our minds receptors. This over stimulation and alteration of chemicals in our mind, directly affect our minds balance and inhibit our ability to manipulate and enhance our minds. Several people will label the following instructions as desensitization or disconnection, when in fact you will become more sensitive and more connected through these actions. Our minds are easily influenced by our surroundings and our inner dialog, when it comes to enhancing your mind and manipulating it to your will, the first step is identifying what is currently in control. For the vast majority of people, their mind is completely out of there control and they have no idea what is controlling it. To receive the full effects of this practice you will need to become cognitively aware, in each moment of your day. The majority of people that go through this process come to the realization that their mental balance is majorly affected by things they were not even aware of.


Take notes and analyze how your surroundings, both internally and externally affect your chemical and stimulatory balance. When you feel a high, analyze the situation and try to identify what contributed to the high, evaluate just how high it took you. When you feel a low, go through the same steps and develop a deeper understanding of what is truly influencing your mental balance and how much influence it has. As you do this analysis, you will become more aware of the things that affect your balance and the amount they affect your balance. You will notice that certain things that seamed small and insignificant, actually have a massive effect on your mental balance. You will develop a deeper understanding of how influential your inner dialog is and how much of an affect it has on your mind. The best way to analyze and keep track of your imbalances, is to base them off height and length. To take it a step farther you can even measure how long it takes to bring your mind back to a balanced state, from a high or low. Remember this is a form of self-study and experimentation. The more details you collect, the better your understanding of yourself will be. This will result in making informed decisions, that will have the greatest effect on balancing your mind.

(Engagement, Strength)

Now that we have an understanding of what's in control of our mental balance, it’s time to transition that control back to us. In these moments that you feel a high or low coming on, go through the process of engaging with it, without letting it consume you. To give you an example, when I first started my business journey and made my first $100,000, I was riding a massive high. I let this high completely consume me until the high eventually faded away, at which point I entered a massive low. My health declined, my relationships declined, and my emotional state was all over the place, keep in mind I was still making thousands of dollars each day. The high had simply run it's course, it peaked and was now on the decline. This was all the direct result of fully consuming the high, a massive spike in the chemistry of my mind and overstimulation of my mental receptors resulted in me hitting a massive high that could not be naturally maintained.

Just like addiction to drugs, my mind had become addicted to the overstimulation and chemical imbalances caused by the full consumption of this event. This is why the come down was so difficult, my mind wanted to balance out and it didn't care what affects this would have on me. Inevitably when I came off this high (just like drugs), I did not come back to a balanced state. What I have noticed from years of study, is that the mind is always trying to achieve a state of balance. Which means that even when you are riding a high and feeling good, even if it’s because something good has happened in your life, your mind is still fighting against you to maintain balance. This fight the mind is going through to get back to a balance state will drain you, limiting your cognitive focus and ability to expand. This is why it’s important to aim for a state of balance through all things that happen, both internally and externally whether it's a high or a low. As we continue on, you need to understand that something as simple as an internal thought or dialog about a loved one can set off a high or low, this is why I state "maintain balance internally and externally."

(Let Go, Length)

If an exciting event happens in your life, engage with the event without letting it consume you. To fully optimize your mind you need to get to a point where you can go from getting married, having a child, or getting a massive raise straight to focusing on an angry person's email or dealing with the death of a family pet. In the moments that you are experiencing a high or low you need to engage, with the intention of not getting too high or too low. We just went over engagement, meaning how much of a high or low your taking in. Now we are going to talk about how long your taking in that high or low (length and strength). The easiest way to begin this practice is working with prolonged effects. Instead of going straight to not experiencing highs and lows, let's start with experiencing highs and lows for a shorter period of time at a lower dosage. Chances are your mind has become so conditioned to the highs and lows caused by modern society, that it now craves them. Just like drug cravings it's best to gradually come off the goods that developed those cravings in the first place. Focus on engaging with the highs and lows, then as soon as you feel ready, focus on letting go of the highs and lows. Even if it's something incredibly exciting, focus on letting go. Through this practice of release not only will you be able to fully engage in the moments of your life that matter, you will also have the space and control for mental expansion and creation from a balanced state. Your mind will function more consistently at a high level, enabling you to completely engage in mentally exerting tasks for long periods of time. As you develop the skill of letting go, you will need to proceed to the next step of the process. Ensure you do not proceed until you have gotten to the point, where letting go is completely in your control. Complete control means you can let go of a high or low within a day or two, even highs and lows as extreme as death of a loved one or getting a massive raise. After experiencing the power that comes from manipulating your mind to your will, you will truly be able to engage with events as much as you want, for as long as you want, while coming back to a state of balance naturally. This is why I stated this process is not desensitizing, instead it increases sensitivity and awareness, giving you control to enjoy every single moment from a naturally balanced space. Now that you have a basic understanding of what affects your mental balance (awareness), how it affects your balance (analyses), the amount you can engage with it (strength) and how long you can engage with it (length). It is time to focus on maintaining natural balance in the mind, with little to no work.

(Natural Balancing)

The mind can naturally come back to a state of balance, as long as you create the right setting. If you choose to engage with a high or low, you need to be aware of your mind's capacity to come back to a balanced state. This is where you need to conduct self-experimentation to truly optimize the process to your unique mind. As you engage with either a high or low circumstance, whether it be the effect of an external or internal factor. Gauge how long and how engaged you can be with the high or low, while allowing your mind to come back to a balanced state naturally (going from a high to a balance state without hitting a low and vice versa). This is a tedious process, but it pays off once you get the time and level of engagement down to a specific length and strength. Focus on improving the skill that you're developing every single day. From the start you will realize, your mind can only be engaged with a high or low for a very short period of time and in a small dose (while still being able to naturally balance out afterwards). With training and enhancement this time will become longer, and the level of engagement will become stronger. Not only will you be able to engage with your family after the death of a loved one for longer, you will be able to engage with them on a much deeper level. Not only will you be able to engage in the massive growth of your company for a longer time, you will be able to engage with the experience on a deeper level. Engaging with highs and lows is a gift that can either benefit or ruin us as humans. When we take control of our minds and enhance our mental capacity, we are able to experience the true benefits of this gift.


As you go through this practice ensure you do not rush the process and do not treat the process as a means to an end. Engage with the practice as constant training or enhancement that should be conducted throughout your entire life. Each person's brain is different, so ensure you make adjustments based on the information you collect during the analyses stage. Stay consistent with your adjustments, your mind is enhancing and changing so your training must change too. Remember that just like all things that go untrained, they do not stay the same (they gradually regress). How important is your mental health and stability, how long are you willing to work on enhancing your mind to ensure a better future for yourself and the people around you. If all these things hold a deep importance to you, commit to a lifelong journey of Cognitive Enhancement and Mental Manipulation.

This theory broken down into it's basic structure Part 1: Awareness of what causes both the chemical and stimulatory imbalances in your mind. (what creates your highs and lows) Part 2: Analyze the things that caused the imbalance, take notes on how they affected your mind. (how high or how low did these internal or external events take you) Part 3: Engage with the events internally and externally without letting them consume you. (limit the strength of your engagement to a healthy level) Part 4: Let go of the highs and lows. (limit the length of engagement with the highs and lows) Part 5: Naturally balance your mental state (establish your mental capacity for highs and lows, then stay within this capacity. Allowing your mind to come back to a balanced state naturally) Part 6: Customize how long and how engaged you are with the highs and lows (develop an understanding of the length and strength you can engage with, while still allowing your mind to come back to a balanced state naturally) Throughout this theory I mention “allow your mind to come back to a balanced state naturally.” This means, coming back to a balanced state without the use of external balancing agents or stimulants (coffee, alcohol, drugs, porn) included.



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