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Dropshipping Case Study $0 To $30k In 10 Days [Part 2 Of Hyper Testing]

Shopify Dropshipping Case Study $0 To $30k In 10 Days using shopify dropshipping.

✅ Dropshipping challenge like oberlo and ebay dropshipping. Similar channels are hayden bowles, ecom king, franklin hatchett, verum ecom, kevin zhang, alex becker and scott hilse.

Initial Testing

  • During the initial test I determined that the product had potential, due to the very low cost per landing page view.

  • From past winner experiences, I know that any product that has a good click through rate and low cost per landing page view. Has very good odds of being a winner.

  • This allowed me to transition to agressive testing on day 2, rolling out a bunch more interest ads. Expanding the audienceses and determining my ideal customer metrics.

  • During the initial test, both ad creatives were performing well, one was doing better then the other but I decided to leave both going.

  • I began developing my idea customer right away, based off the small amount of data I had and the customer understanding I had from past similar products.

Ideal Customer Audiences

  • I wanted to expand into ideal customer audiences as soon as possible. These have always performed much better then interest ads and have good potential for scalling.

  • I took the information from all my ads and based my idea customer of the metrics provided from the landing page view data.

  • I based my ideal customer off landing page view data, because since the ads were so new, that was the data point that had the most information.

  • As I gained more data from more interest audiences, I began testing several different ideal customer audiences. Only changing the interests that were in each stack.

Expanded Interest Audiences

  • I always like to start into my expanded interest targeting once I have my ideal customers age range.

  • Once you have this information, you basically are creating an ideal customer audience again. But instead of you inputing the interests, you let Facebook pick them for you.

  • These expanded interest audiences take a bit of time to start working. So you need to be patient and give them a good budget to start with.

  • Expanded interest audiences that performed well within there first day of running were immediately duplicated a couple times.

LLA Audiences

  • As soon as I felt I had enough data, I started working with look alike audiences. Begining with 95% VV look alike audiences.

  • Since I was collecting data very fast with large ad spend at the beginning. I was able to find success with these look alike audiences.

  • I started with 95% vv look alike audiences, then let those run for about 4 days before proceeding to any other look alike audiences.

  • Since such a large amount of people watch the video, with a large drop off to the product page. I only wanted to start with these audiences cause I beleived they had enough data.

  • After finding success with these audiences, I transitioned into Facebook and Instagram interaction audiences. These worked very well, because they had enough data to perform.

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