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Dropshipping product research, find winning dropshipping products.

✅ Make money online dropshipping challenge like oberlo and ebay dropshipping. Similar channels are hayden bowles, ecom king, franklin hatchett, verum ecom, kevin zhang, alex becker and scott hilse.

Finding The Product

  • When looking for products, wether your using a tool or just browsing facebook. The main thing is to look for products that stand out to you.

  • Look for products that have a unique factor, something that you havn't seen before or believe most people wouldn't have seen.

  • Look for products that have a good amount of recent orders. With the advanced targeting settings, it should narrow down by a certain amount of orders.

  • Make sure you look through the entire list and keep in mind that the free version of seller pulse only shows a small amount of the potential products.

Verifying The Product

  • Just like with any other product research, you always want to make sure you verify the product.

  • Completely relying on a product research tool is never a good idea, and is a fast way to loose money.

  • Go through and try to find past sellers of the product on Facebook, this can be done by searching for the product in the Facebook search bar.

  • Confirm that the product is still selling on Aliexpress, this will ensure the product still has active sales velocity and hasn't died out.

  • Check to see if there are several stores selling the product on seller pulse, this is a good indicator that the product is still actively working.

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