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Dropshipping Product Research Find Winning Products [$19K Per Day]

Dropshipping Product Research Find Winning Products✅ Make money online Dropshipping challenge like oberlo and ebay dropshipping. Similar channels are hayden bowles, ecom king, franklin hatchett, verum ecom, kevin zhang, alex becker and scott hilse.

Scrolling The Feed

  • You want to start by scrolling through the Pinterest feed.

  • This is where you will find all the active ads, that are currently being run by other companies

  • As you scroll through the feed, look for posts that have a good amount of engagement. This is the best indication that the product is working.

  • As you look through products, first check to see if the sales price is an amount that you can work with. Prices under $19.99 tipically will be difficult to work with.

  • Save all the ads that you think have potential to a folder and go back to them after you compile a list of ads.

Analyzing The Competion

  • This is a great way to find products that are currently being marketed and past winning products from that store.

  • Pinterest doesn't delete ads from their platform, so once an ad does good the video and the social proof will always be there.

  • You can analyze your competition and determine which products lit up for them. Take those products and find their sales price. If it's within reason, add it to your list of potential products.

  • Dropshipping product reasearch on Pinterest is one of the most powerful product research methods. To find winning dropshipping products.

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