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Dropshipping Product Testing 4 Products In 4 Days

Dropshipping Product Testing 4 Products In 4 Days winning product stats. ✅ Dropshipping challenge like oberlo and ebay dropshipping. Similar channels are hayden bowles, ecom king, franklin hatchett, verum ecom, kevin zhang, alex becker and scott hilse.

Key Metrics

  • Looking at the cost per landing page view you will see a common cost that is very high for the failed products. Then for the successfull product you will see a much lower cost per landing page view. This means people are interested in the product.

  • The CPM for the winning product is lower then the CPM for all the other products. This indicates Facebook is favouring these ads, since they are resonating with their targeted audiences.

  • The unique click through rate for the winning product is much higher then all the other ones. This indicates that the ad is not only getting the viewers attention but its also making them want to proceed through the funnel.

  • The total amounts spent, you will notice that some I ran longer and others I kills very fast. After evaluating certain metrics you can tell if a product has potential very fast.

  • Seeing all the top funnel conversions. By evaluating the amount spent in comparison to the top funnel conversions. You can see how well a product and ad is performing.

Deciding To Proceed (Key Factors)

  • Is the ad performing well, not only with the engagement but also with the conversion rate.

  • Are the CPM and cost per landing page view within the standard range of a winning product from past history.

  • Are there any higher conversion events and if there are, how many of them. This is a major factor in deciding to proceed. Higher event conversions means people are more interest in the product and more likely to purchase.

  • How many of the audiences I tested has reasonable cost per landing page view and higher conversion events. If there isn't a good amount of interaction from all audiences, this indicates it will take more work to find good audiences instead of them all simply working.

  • Scalability, based on the data collected. Does the product have potential to be scaled at those levels. Is the product connecting with everyone or just a specific group of people.

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