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Facebook account disabled, how to create a new one without getting banned

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Photo Identification

  • Facebook has 3 different steps of identification and these 3 different steps occur based on how scetchy your account looks.

  • The first stage is them requesting a selfie photo, this stage is cover clearly in the video. Explaining how you can find a selfie photo if they request it.

  • The second stage is them requesting your birthdate and other account information. This is why it's so important to have this information in a file, because once your account goes into verification mode, YOU CANNOT LOG IN.

  • The third stage is them requesting a piece of photo ID. This stage there is no way around it, cause of course the account is fake. If this happens you need to just let go and try creating another account.

Proper Seasoning

  • Way to many people rush through the seasoning process and this results in their account getting several red flags.

  • This is a sure way to have your account require photo identification right away. Your goal is to make the account look as real as possible.

  • The best way to make an account look real, is do interaction that a bot could not do. This is best done by replying to peoples comments in groups and getting a conversation going.

  • When it comes to adding friends and creating posts, this is something that should be done slowly and overtime. Doing this too fast will again throw up several major red flags and result in your account getting banned.

Transitioning To Ads

  • After you have taken your Facebook account through the seasoning process. You now need to take your Facebook page and ad account through a seasoning process too.

  • The best way to do this is through a page likes campaign, this will get social interaction on your facebook page.

  • And will also get your ad spend started with a low risk campaign structure.

  • Facebook doesn't like risk, a new facebook account with a new page and a new ad account. Going directly to conversion campaigns is a massive risk to Facebook and it's users.

  • Make sure you stay patient and give the process the time thats needed, or you will be dealing with another BANNED ACCOUNT.

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