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Facebooks Lookalike Audiences [Facebook Ads 2020]

Dropshipping facebook lookalike audiences facebook ads in 2020. The complete guide on how to create and impliment facebook lookalike audiences to generate dropshipping sales. (Lookalike audience template at the bottom)

Creating Custom Audience

  • First you want to create the customer audience.

  • The custom audience is a group of people that interacted with your business in a certain way

  • There are several different custom audiences, but the main ones to work with are 95% VV, page view, IG engagement, FB engagement, VBTS, add to cart, initiate checkout and purchase.

  • You will want to create custom audiences for all these different groups of people. Make sure you title them clearly as this will make things much easier in the future when creating the lookalike audiences.

  • Remember that a customer audience will only be as big as the amount of people that completed that action. To have successful lookalike audiences you want to ensure that your custom audience sizes are a decent size. This was Facebook will have enough data to base the lookalike audiences off.

Creating Lookalike Audiences

  • Each lookalike audience is going to be a similar audience to your exhisting custom audience.

  • You will want to start with the 3 levels of lookalike audiences to get started, this will ensure they are more accurate and have a higher chance of generating sales. The higher the percentage the farther away from your custom audience the lookalike will be.

  • Start with 1%, 1-2%, 2-3% this is a good starting point to base your lookalike audiences off.

  • You will want to get the LAA sheet that I have available below, this will help you track the LAA audiences and ensure your not spending money where you shouldn't.

  • Start with the T4 stack, these are the highest converting countries and should be the countries that your custom audiences have the most data for.

  • Remember whenever you create a lookalike audience, it will always perform better if the custom audience has more people in it.

  • After you have gone through all the bottom funnel LAA, you then go through all the top funnel LAA.

  • Then you transition to the next stack in the sequence, the EURO stack.

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