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Find Winning Dropshipping Products

Find winning dropshipping products utalizing the facebook search algorithm. I go over the main facebook key search terms to find several winning dropshipping products.

Utalizing The Algorithm

  • Make sure you review the publish date of each post to see if it has potential.

  • Do deep dives into the page of the post and determine when they most recents ads were published.

  • Narrow down your search by the most recent month to see video ads of products that have recently been launched.

  • Find ads that really stand out to you, if the ad stands out to you that means it will stand out to other people seeing it.

  • Analyze ads that have high engagement, even if you don't plan on selling the product. This will give you great information on what a performing sales funnel looks like. Including their ad, product page and offer.

High Ranking Search Terms

  • Free Shipping: When looking for products, try to find products that have a high perceived value or a potential for multi orders.

  • Shop Now: this term will bring up several different ads, make sure you sort through them and locate the dropshipping ads for ideas.

  • 50% OFF: This term is used in the majority of dropshipping ads, see different offers and analyze the competitions funnels to get inspiration.

  • Get Yours: Use these search terms to give you product ideas, see whats working and maybe you will find a similar product that has potential.

  • Limited Time: Make sure you check the product post date and the pages previous ads to see if the product has potential.

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