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HOW To ADD Facebook PIXEL To SHOPIFY - Custom CODING (+Bonus TIP)

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Setting Up The Base Code

  • The base code will be placed on your website in the head section of your theme liquid folder.

  • This will automatically place the code on every page that has your header. Which, if your store is set up correctly you should have some kind of a header on each page.

  • The base code starts off with a standard page view event and will only register this event if you simply stop at the installation

  • This is why you need to make sure you go through the settings and turn (track events automatically without coding)

Testing Events

  • Once you have all this set up, you should run some tests by going through the entire sales funnel on your website.

  • Make sure all the events that are occuring are coming through on the pixel back end under the (test events) tab.

  • If the events are not coming through correctly, contact facebook or go through and set up manual events using the tag helper.

  • This can be done by simply clicking on the button and registering an event. You would go through and register add to cart and initiate checkout.

Column Setup (Bonus Tip)

  • This is a very valuable tip that will durastically help you stay organized while you manage your ads.

  • You want to make sure that you set all the columns up like I show in the video. Making sure you use the (unique) options on certain columns.

  • The structure of this column setup is to give you an oversight of the customers progression through your sales funnel.

  • After seeing the progression, the next section of columns is to show you the cost of each progression.

  • This will give you a clear understanding of how effective your funnel is and how much each section of your funnel will cost on average to take a customer to.

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