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How To Dropship In 2020 | Main Strategy

This is how you dropship profitibaly in 2020, the main strategy I use to beat competition and place my stores and products ahead in every way possible.

Store Setup

  • This strategy is still for use in a general store, I will always advocate a general store or niche store when it comes to dropshipping. This gives you the ability to test several products fast and enter into the market of products right away.

  • The improvization is more detailed branding, testing products then once you find one that works. Taking the entire store to a branded state for that specific product.

  • Setting up the store in this way allows you to test several products, then brand down once you find the product that works.

  • Getting good at photo shop and really diving into buyer sychology will help you determin what little things you can place around your store that will make it appear like a multimillion dollar brand.

  • Keeping the store layout simply is always crucial, the product description and images need to be easily readable and visible for people of all ages.

  • Clearly outlineing exactly what the customer is going to get, especially when its something good (is very important). If you can get fast shipping times, make sure you highlight this. If your offering a money back garuntee with free return shipping make sure you highlight that.

Increasing Average Order Value

  • Offering a premium option of the same product or offering a discount on multiple of the same product are the best ways to increase your order value. They both appease to the psychology of adding to an already made sale, someone is always more willing to get more or something similar to something they already are sold on.

  • Offering premium shipping, a lot of dropshippers do this. It's a great way to increase your order value, even though tipically your still shipping the same for both free and premium shipping (in the customers eyes its a premium service)

  • Back end upsells are great for after the initial upsells, this can include offering an upgrade to premium shipping at a discounted rate, offering warenties or offering discounts on adding more of the same or similar products.

Ad Creative Setup

  • When showing the product you always want to highlight the main selling features. For problem solving products, the main feature is the problem it solves. For vanity products, the main feature is how it will make the buyer feel.

  • Keeping the ads entertaining and fast is very important, a typical veiwers attention lasts 3-5 seconds. This is why if you watch movies and actually pay attentio, you will notice a clip change almost every 5-10 seconds.

  • Keeping the entire sales funnel congruant is very important, it shows brand authoity and instills confidence in the customer through the entire funnel.

  • Make sure you place a large call to action at the end of the ad, remeber hook layering. You need to place a large hook at the end of the ad to drag the views to the next step of the funnel (your product page)

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