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How To Increase Your Facebook Page Feedback Score | 2020 Feeback Score Hack

In this video I take you through the steps of increasing your Facebook page feedback score. You need to maintain a high score to prevent your ads from falling under penalty costing you thousands of dollars. Not only do I show you how to reach out to contractors to get feedback, I also give you my exact template of instructions to give to the contractors to execute the feedback process. I hope you all enjoy this lesson.

Creating The Contract

  • When creating the contract its best to keep things simple. You don't want them to get too much information until they have applied for the contract. A nice simple title like "looking for active Facebook users to leave positive reviews on our ads" will do.

  • Once the contractor has applied for the job you can then reach out to them with the project insturctions template that is provided below. Make sure that you include in the message to the contractor the template and soemthing like this "please find the attached document with instructions, we will pay $5 per completed review. Please ensure you send the confirmation screen shot to complete the project"

Sending The Contract Template

  • Make sure you customize the template to your store and ads by following the instructions layed out in it. The contract won't make sense the way its set up right now, you need to add your own information to certain sections.

  • Make sure all the parts are complete and there are all the visual examples to ensure the contractor knows exactly what to do. This will ensure they won't be reaching out to you with questions wasting your time.

  • Once the contract is customized you can then attach it to your initial message to the contractor and submit payment for the work to be completed. You may have certain contractors that have lots of Facebook accounts and can leave several reviews. You want to usitilize this, but ensure they show the different account names on the review confirmation screen shots.

Main Things To Remember

  • Make sure you customize the contract for your ads and store before sending it to the contractor. Right now the template is just that "a template" fill in your information then its ready to send.

  • Make sure you Facebook page "shop now" button takes them to the product page of the product your advertising and not a random page.

  • Keep all the key parts of the contract in bold red text and ensure in your screen shots your adding nice red circles like in the example.

  • Make sure all the main parts are visible in the screen shots showing completion of review. If a contractor doesn't send you a screen shot with all the information, do not process payment. Send them a message telling them to send a proper screen shot with all the information displayed.

  • Make sure on top of your regular retargeting campaigns you set up a 1 day page view retargeting campaing, this will ensure that they get fed an ad as fast as possible.

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