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How To Launch A Dropshipping Product (Case Study)

This is how you launch a dropshipping produduct. I go over several parts to do with product page creation, ad creation, facebook ad setup and structuring.

Competition Analyses

  • View their current ads and see how good they are doing

  • Analyze customer interaction (see if people are buying)

  • Establish which ad is their winning ad 

  • View ad creation date and quantity (establish how far along they are)

  • Analyze product page and pricing (see if you can improve)

Ad Creation

  • Download all their active video ads

  • Make a video ad with minor adjustments that is almost identical to their winning ad

  • Create 2 video ads, 1 identical to their winning ad and 1 very similar

  • Create a very powerful thumbnail

  • Include key sales points in ad copy

  • Include call to action in ad copy

  • Include call to action at the end of your ad

Product Page Creation

  • Find competators and take their content (set up as fast as possible)

  • Include a hook at the beginning and the end of the page

  • Add convincing reviews

  • Try to get cleaner images then your competator

  • Keep it very simple

Facebook Ad Setup

  • Initial data collection using inerest ads

  • Testing 2 creatives utalizing proven creative from competator (retargeting affect)

  • Mobile only (higher conversion rate)

  • Low budget as many ads as your budget allows

  • Cycle in new ads every day for 3 days

Data Analyses And Expansion

  • Product should be break even or profitable (if low budget start this at 5 day mark)

  • Find top customer age, gender, platform, country, interests

  • Continue cycling in new interest ads and out bad ones

  • Create top customer campaign

  • CBO campaign split into 2 adsets with 2 creatives in each

  • $50 or $100 budget depending

  • Use top customer data

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