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How To Run Dropshipping Pinterest Ads | Free Organic Purchases

In this video I take you through my Pinterst ads campaign work flow. I show you step by step my entire Pinterest ad creation process. I personally love Pinterest ads because when you run a "paid pin" this gives your account exposure, which results in that pin getting a ridiculous amount of organic reach. This is by far the best way to start out in ads and get the best bang for your buck.

Creating The Ad

  • Make sure that when you go through you follow the work flow that I laid out. This will ensure that all the right parts are completed and the ad will run smoothly.

  • Be sure to reach out to pinterest support when setting up your tag, it can be a bit confusing setting it up yourself so make sure you get the help thats available.

  • Pinterest doesn't track data in real time that well, so to ensure you are making descisions based on the correct data, make sure you review the data the following day. This way Pinterest can show you all the data and you can make an informed descision.

  • Remember that the Pinterest roas is in a one hundredth so even though its cool to think your getting a 500% raos its actually a 5.0 roas.

Main Things To Remember

  • Set your CPM high to ensure complete daily budget spend

  • Don’t make your interest stacks too narrow 2-3 million minimum

  • Make sure you Pinterest tag is set up

  • Make sure you video is the correct size 1080 by 1920

  • Make sure you video is the correct format H.264

  • Optimization of 7:7:1

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