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Paypal Holding Funds How To Prevent and Remove Paypal Holds

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Preventing Holds

  • Understand the way Paypal works

  • Update all orders with their appropriate tracking information

  • Have all business information up to date

  • Add a bank account to Paypal and get it verified

  • Add a credit card to Paypal and get it verified

  • Respond to messaged and cases right away

  • Have a good business (no shady practices)

Getting Out Of Holds

  • Establish good payment history

  • Ensure all orders have proper tracking information

  • Stop selling products that have a high dispute rate

  • Ensure all your website information is up to date in paypal (their bots will do a crawl)

  • Ensure all items from the previous section are complete

  • Contact paypal and request a review

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