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Paypal money on hold, paypal holding funds shopify dropshipping solution

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Dealing With Holds

  • When dealing with holds the first thing you want to do is determine what caused the hold.

  • Identify what caused the hold and how severe it is. Some holds only last 15 days and others last several months.

  • You can go throguh and look at all the tool in Paypal that I describe in this video. They will give you information on what holds your dealing with and for how long.

  • Paypal also provides an entire section dedicated to resolving holds. In there you can find all kinds of information on how to get out of the specific hold your in.

Preventing Holds And Limits

  • This is the ideal situation, this is what I want to help you acheive with your paypal account.

  • There are several steps you can take to prevent paypal holds, I go over all these steps in the video.

  • To prevent paypal holds you need to establish a sense of security for paypal. They need to be assured that if you run our of money in your paypal account. There is an alternative way for them to get funds to refun your customers.

  • Make sure that all your paypal information matches the information with your bank and on Shopify.

  • Make sure all your customer support information is up to date on paypal and your website. Paypal will occasionally send bots to scrape your website for customer support and refund policy information.

  • Always make sure you deal with your paypal disputes as soon as possible. This will keep your account in good standing and keep your customers happy.

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