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Pinterest Marketing How To Use Pinerest For Business

Today I show you pinterest marketing, how to use pinterest for business and how to get massive organic reach with free purchases.

Creating The Ad Stage #1

  • 4-5 broad interest targets, we want to start broad as this will keep costs low and give the pinterest pixel space to expand and find our ideal audience

  • Add in 25 keywords, you want to add the maximum amount of keywords as this acts as an addition to your main interest. So if someone is interested in your main interest and is searching for one of your keywords, this will indicate to pinterest that they are a warmer lead.

  • All Genders and ages, Pinterest is a small platform. So there is no need to narrow down the age and gender until later on.

  • Target tier 4 countries, CA,US,UK,AU. We want to target all 4 of the biggest countries, unless of course your marketing to a specific country. This will give the pinterest tage some room to learn and find your ideal audience.

  • All devices and placements to ensure you get maximum reach

  • Daily budget of $20 to start, this is a larger audience so we need to give pinterest some money to work with

  • Checkout Conversion Event, pinterest doesn't have the purchase conversion event, so optimizing for checkout is their version of that

  • 2 Creatives, ensure you have 2 different pins in each ad set. This will give pinterest the ability to optimize to the one that has higher potential.

Creating The Pin

  • Captivating tile to draw viewer in

  • Supporting information and product page link in description

  • Link directly to the product page, not home page or catelog

  • H264 format with 1080 by 1080 sizing

  • Strong appealing thumbnail

Creating The Ad Stage #2

  • 10-15 narrow interest targets, now that the pixel has some information from the braod audiences we can begin working with some smaller ones

  • Add 25 keywords, again to use as an and factor. This will ensure the ads optimal results

  • All genders and ages, so that your not limiting reach

  • Target tier 4 countries CA,US,UK,AU, to keep the audiences a reasonable size.

  • All devices and placements

  • Daily budget of $5 this time as we are going to be creating several more ads to find these smaller pockets of audiences

  • Checkout Conversion event

  • 2 Creatives pleaces in each ad set

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