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Product Research Find Winning Dropshipping Products [2020]

These product research methods help you find winning dropshipping products everytime in 2020. Two different powerful methods that find winning dropshipping products.

Method #1

  • Go get my ad finder and install it on your chrome browser

  • Once it's installed go to your facebook feed and go through hundreds of ads without all the clutter

  • Like, comment and click on the dropshipping ads, as much as possible. This will make Facebooks alghorithm feed you more dropshipping ads

  • As you go through this process save all the ads taht you believe have potential

  • Go through the saved ads and do the product validation that I descibe in the video. This will ensure you are proceeding with testing products that have a proven chance of success

Method #2

  • Use this method as a way to develope you skill of finding products. Seeing past winners gives you a good understanding of whats a winner

  • Make sure you use this method for general stores or niche stores only, as these are the stores that will run several products and will have several winners.

  • When you get to Amazon, if you see a certain product populate several times after searching the store name. It's most likely one of their current or past winners.

  • This technique uses amazon alghorithm to your advantage, since so many people will try to find the product on amazon by searching the stores name.


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