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Scaling Products From $100 To $1,000 Per Day!

✅ Make money online Dropshipping on Shopify. Learn how to run Facebook ads, Google ads and Dropship as a beginner with little to no money. Similar channels are hayden bowles, ecom king, franklin hatchett, verum ecom, kevin zhang, alex becker and scott hilse.


  • Create a tri-target sequences to pick hyper targeted interests that have a much higher chance of converting. I created the tri target sequence to ensure the most accurate targeting while finding cold interest audiences.

  • Create idea customer campaigns to narrow down your search. These are highly affective data driven audiences that will perform very well, even at the beginning.

  • Create interest stacking campaigns to allow facebook an opportunity to identify the best interest. Sometimes it's a good idea to give facebook the choice.

  • Create data collection page view campaigns are an optional tool, if you really want to expand your campaigns out slowly. Using this method will allow you to collect valuable data that you can impliment right away, without the guessing of what interests have potential.


  • Take all the best performing interest audiences and create similar ones. This will allow you to fully take advantage of the facebook suggested interest options.

  • Take all the best performing audiences and duplicate them 1-2 times. This duplication is to provide proof of concept. Do these audiences perform all the time or just sometimes.

  • Use ideal customer targeting with expanded interests for mass exploration. This is giving facebook more room to discover, so you will need to monitor this campaign. Sometimes it works right away and sometimes you need more data.

  • Create LLA audiences from lower funnel events once you have enough data. Creating these audiences prematurely will only lead to lost money and frustration.


  • Increase budgets on the audiences that are working 1-2x. This will allow you to determine at what budget point this audiences performs at. Keep doing this till you hit a point of no performance.

  • Place audiences that are working into 3-4 tier CBO campaigns with duplicates of the same audiences. This allows the facebook pixel to identify which pocket of that audience has the greatest potential.

  • Place audiences that are working into 3-4 tier CBO clumping campaigns. This will allow facebook to determine the best audiences when different audiences are put up against eachother.

  • Experiment with high budgets with constant daily monitoring. This will require more money, but can be very affective. If the campaing is highly underperforming, kill it before the end of the day

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