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Shopify Dropshipping Winning Product Research Blueprints *Revealing 10 Winning Products!*

I show you how to find winning dropshipping products, using this dropshipping product research method. I also reveal top 10 Shopify dropshipping products that I found.

Winning Product Criteria

  • When it comes to winning products, they are broken into three categories. Two of them have always been better for me.

  • You have regular products, multi order products, and high ticket products. I personally like the multi order products and high ticket products.

  • When selling regular products, you need to make sure the product has a key selling attributions.

  • This can mean that the product solves a problem, or that the product inflicts an emotion.

Doing The Research

  • When doing your research, your main goal is to find products that have been launched. But are not yet in the scaling faze, this way you will still be able to start.

  • Narrow down your search results by likes, and shares. The other metrics don't matter too much.

  • You then will narrow down by the ecommerce websites and the "shop now" call to action.

  • Once you do this, you are looking for products that have a good amount of likes and shares. With little to no angry faces, also watch out for the creation date.

  • Ideally you will want products that were starting to be marketed 1-4 weeks ago. This way you will be able to determine if it's working, without having to compete against a store that's in scale.

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