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When To Kill & Scale Facebook Ads

This is when you should kill and scale your facebook ads! I also show how to set up your facebook ads columns

Setting Up Your Columns

  • Make sure you set up your columns exactly like I did in the video. This will ensure all your data is displayed in the proper order and on one screen.

  • Track the data and try to find patterns in the data that stand out and can be used for future ads and products.

  • Remember that once the ad set gets a purchase you switch from the other metrics and go straight to BEROAS.

  • Make sure you customize your kill metrics using the data you collect from the new column set up. This data is specific to your product and ad campagns and will help you develope highly specific kill metrics.

  • Make sure you save your columns as a preset, so that you don't have to go back and set them up everytime you log in.

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