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"We Specialize In Google Ads. Focusing On One Ad Platform Allows Us To Generate Consistent Leads For Your Business." 

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Business Integrated Ad Management. All New Clients Get... 
*1 Month Free Google Ads Management*

Introducing A New Way
Of Generating Leads

Cold calling, email marketing and television ads are great. But the future of lead generation lies in search engine PPC and SEO. That's why at Molendijk Media, we focus entirely on these two avenues of lead generation.


This has allowed us to develop specialized business integration ad strategies. Based on data collected from all our past clients. Ensuring your business not only gets consistent results. But also, results that can be tracked and managed for consistent, reliable business growth.

About Us

Our EXACT Stratagy

Over the years we've accumulated data on several industries. Including Property Developers, Dentists, Realtors, Lawyers, Accountants, Mortgage brokers, Property Management Companies, Day Cares, Self Storage Facilities, Senior Care Homes, Car Rental Services and Hotels. 

With this data we compiled a data bank for each industry we worked with, and each industry we plan to work with. This allows us to create data driven ad campaigns for your business, right away. Without the need for initial spending to accumulate that data. 

When You Start Working With Molendijk Media, You

Get Direct Access To:


Billing: Online Invoice Tracking

✔️  Know exactly what you're paying for.

✔️  Have access to all past invoices.

✔️  Online payment options via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others. 

✔️  Direct communication interface with our accounting department. To get your billing questions answered right away.

Research: Industry Research

✔️  Keyword Research 

✔️  Market Research  

✔️  Competition Research

✔️  Competitive Service Research 


PPC Setup: Initial Setup/Structure

✔️  Google Account Structuring 

✔️  Google Campaign Structuring 

✔️  Campaign Planning 

✔️  Call Tracking Setup

✔️  Form Tracking Setup 

✔️  Ad Copy Creation

✔️  1 Month Free Ad Management

Management: Ongoing Ad Management

✔️  Monthly Detail Reports 

✔️  Conversion Tracking

✔️  Click Fraud Monitoring

✔️  Campaign Adjustment/Optimization

✔️  A/B Ad Copy Testing

✔️  Bid Tracking And Adjustment

✔️  Keyword Research And Optimization


Consultation: Ongoing Support

✔️  Business Planning Meetings

✔️  Advertising Strategy Consultation

✔️  Business Growth Advice Based on Lead Generation Volume 

Here's a summary of everything you get...

This is not your typical "Agency". We provide you with everything you need to be successful

Complete A-Z Ad Management And Business Development Support

We aren't just managing your ads. We're managing the progression of your business. This is why we ensure that we not only manage your ads. We also provide advice and insights, that will help you make crucial decisions about your companies future.

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Instant Access To Our Online Portal. Where You Can See Bills And Account Updates

So you can see exactly what you're paying for. While monitoring the progression of your campaigns and client account.

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Optimized Lead
Generation Funnel

If you don't want to create your own lead generation funnel. We got you covered. We use "Instant Pages" to create flawless funnels for our clients. With both phone and form lead options. (Speak with your account rep for more details)

Company Website SEO

Complete review of your companies website SEO. Keyword research, website restructuring and SEO optimization of all website features. This ensures your company ranks the highest on Google and other search engines. For the keywords your customers are searching.


Google Analytics Setup

We understand that all things Google can be very confusing. That's why we also offer complete Google Analytics setup. Giving you access and proper operation of one of the most powerful data collection systems on earth.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


We are serious about ads and your businesses growth. Therefore, we provide your first month ad management for completely free. This ensures you get to see the results of our service. Before paying any ad management fees.

Limited Client Spots For Promo!

Ad Management $100-$1,500

1 Month Free Ad Management


With Data Driven Google Ads

✔️ Yes, I understand that I will get 1 month of free ad management if I choose to work with Molendijk Media.

✔️ Yes, I understand that Molendijk Media uses data banks. To fast pace Google ad account performance

✔️ Yes, I understand that with Molendijk Media I get ongoing business planning and ad strategy support.



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1 Month Free Ad Management


"To ensure we're the right fit for your business. We offer 1 month FREE ad management services. So you can see the leads we generate, before you start paying."

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