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Aliexpress Alternatives Shopify Dropshipping Faster Shipping

These Aliexpress alternatives for Shopify dropshipping will provide faster shipping and better quality products. With dropshipping, good logistics, product quality and shipping are a must.

Why Transition From Aliexpress

  • There are several reasons, but the main one is your customers experience.

  • Aliexpress shipping times are not accurate, and sometimes completely false just to get you to purchase from that supplier

  • The product quality of product on Aliexpress is very low, and it's difficult to determine the product quality since communicating with the seller is horrible.

  • Pricing is gradually going up on Aliexpress as shipping costs increase. Since a lot of Aliexpress sellers are dropshipping too, they cannot keep low pricing like an agent.

  • A lot of Aliexpress listings do not have many shipping options. When working with agencies and agents, they can find shipping options that are faster and cheaper based on bulk orders from all their clients.

Alternative #1 Creed Fulfillment

  • This service was created to give all members of the creed access to faster shipping, better product quality and proper logistics.

  • Ensuring your customers experience is the best. There will be no trace of any other company information in your packages.

  • Shipping times are consistently within 5-15 days depending on what countries.

  • Products are inspected for quality reassurance, and products are sourced from several suppliers to get the best quality option.

  • Tracking information is updated directly to your stores, with much better accuracy. Allowing a good tracking experience for your customers.

Alternative #2 CJ Dropshipping

  • They can source products very fast, allowing you to run product test fast and efficiently.

  • Reasonably good product quality sourcing, however they only source one version of the product.

  • Shipping times average 15-25 days, depending on which country you are shipping to.

  • Tracking information is normally okay, but not the best. For certain countries tracking information is very bad.

Alternative #3 Topdsers

  • They can source products fast allowing for fast product testing.

  • Shipping times are a bit better, but their prices are a bit higher then CJdropshipping.

  • Average shipping times are 10-20 days, depending on which country your shipping to.

  • They tend to source products directly from Aliexpress suppliers, this can create the same issues as ordering from Aliexpress.

  • So if possible, try to use the products that they have listing on their website. If they source a product, keep in mind that the main goal is to prove the product then transition to Creed Fulfillment.

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