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Dropshipping Case Study - $0 to $100K In 30 Days (Facebook Ads)

This is a complete dropshipping case study of a product I took from $0 to over $100,000 in just under 30 days using Facebook ads. I shows you the prodcut page set up, the ad creation process and the back end metrics to help you full understand the product testing and scaling process using Facebook ads.

Store and product setup

  • Sold in general store

  • Solves a big problem

  • Found while scrolling Facebook

  • Potential for (multi orders), meaning it's a product most people buy more then one

  • Consumable (repeat customers)

  • Not easily found in stores

  • Low COG with good BER

  • Other store was scaling

Initial Facebook Ads

  • Took clips from competition and Youtube

  • Quick transitions, highlight solution right away

  • Switched to custom content once products proven

  • Short ads 20-30 seconds

  • Edited using Final Cut Pro

  • Always start with 2 creatives minimum

Launching The Product

  • Data collection and broad targeting, using interest ads

  • Mass Interest targeting with creative optimization (finding the winning creative)

  • Data analyses and interest breakdown (break down by age, gender, platform)

  • Building out ideal customer biography ideal customer age, gender, interests)

  • Idea customer/niche targeting, target interests specific to your ideal customer

  • The launch is for testing the product and building data

Scaling Into LLA And Pinterest Ads (Horizontal Scaling)

  • Start with 95% VV LLA, 75% VV LAA if your video is over 30 seconds long

  • Continue building out Tri-target interest sequence (finding new winning interests)

  • Create 95% VV LLA for secondary creative

  • Narrow down interest ads by age, gender, platform

  • Take ideal customer data and use for Pinterest ads and retargeting

  • Set up basic retargeting funnel on Pinterest (cross platform retargeting)

Weekly Stats Converted To USD (In the video the ads manager is in CAD)

Week 1: (Data Collection)

  • Sales $4,617

  • Ad spend $1,603

  • COG with shipping $976

  • PL for the week $2,038

Week 2: (Scaling Into LLA And Pinterest)

  • Sales $17,475

  • Ad spend $6,554

  • COG with shipping $4,663

  • PL for the week $6,258

Week 3: (Creative Optimization, Stage #1 Vertical Scaling)

  • Sales $36,415

  • Ad spend $14,026

  • COG with shipping $9,618

  • PL for the week $12,771

Week 4: (Horizontal/Vertical Balancing, Data Testing)

  • Sales $40,390

  • Ad spend $18,446

  • COG with shipping $18,446

  • PL for the week $10,793

Ad Creative Setup

  • Always start with 2 creatives

  • Ensure the first 3 seconds catches the viewer

  • Initial creatives should be similar to competition

  • Even if one creative does better (leave both active)

  • The best creative is the one that drives the most actions

  • Each creative might optimize differently for each interest

Vertical Scaling

  • You don’t want to vertical scale until you have all lower funnel LLA active

  • While vertically scaling continue horizontally scaling

  • Duplicate adsets to higher budget (no increases)

  • Vertical scaling should only be done on proven audiences

EcomCreed FB Masters Group

  • Join the facebook masters group for answers to all your questions

  • This is where I’ll answer most questions

  • Different topic modules coming soon, giving you access to all content organized

  • Resource section coming

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