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Dropshipping case study $400k product revealed

Dropshipping Case Study $400k Product Revealed

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Store Metrics

  • The store metrics clearly outline exactly how the product progressed along. You can see that the scaling processes was fast, directly after I realized my target audience.

  • Plit testing different offers when possible, is a great way to generate more sales. Using a buy 1 get 1 free and a (2pc pack) offer, got me sales from to different kind of shoppers

  • The average order value is very important, as you can see in the video I did not have an average order value of $19,99 even though that was my sales price. It's important to have upsell apps, to ensure you increase your average order value

  • You can clearly see in the metrics where I got hit by a Facebook ban, the gradual decline in sales shows how important it is to have back ups for everything. Instead of the income stopping completely when I got banned, the other two ad accounts were able to keep running while i scaled down.

Product reveal

  • This poduct was unique because I was able to cross test two different offers. This made it very easy to target several differnt pockets and generate sales from people that tipically wouldn't have bought from the other offer.

  • This product had branding potential, but unfortunately there were unreasonable expections being made by the customers.

  • Unrealistic expetations are very common whenever it comes to health and beauty products.

  • Try to be as clear as possible with the product results, but sometimes like in my case, you just can't keep everyone happy.

Ad metrics

  • You will see that the cost per landing page view was very good, this was because it was a problem solving product with a very high emotional factor.

  • I was not aware of how big a problem dark spots were, until i started running this product. The emotional component, resulted in a very large amount of impulse buys.

  • The ads I had were very interactive and clearly showed the product in action, this got the viewers highly engaged.

  • Since the majority of customers were ordering two or more, you will see that the return on ad spend was so good.

  • You can see that the progression through the funnel was very large, the majority of people that were landing on the product page would add to cart.

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