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Dropshipping Case Study How This Store Generates $4.3 Million Per Month

Dropshipping case study $0 to $4.3m per month using facebook ads ✅ Marketing Strategy, ad setup, store break down and facebook ads

Store Overview

  • Created December 30th 2019

  • Average monthly visits 1.8m

  • Average order value of $48 per customer

  • Estimated $2.4 earnings per visitor based on $48 AOV and 5% base conversion rate

  • Estimated gross revenue $4,320,000

  • Estimated net profits $864k-$1,080,000 based on 20-25% profit margins

Store Strategy

  • Niche store focused mainly marketing 1 product

  • Strong focus on Facebook ads with large brand building campaigns on the back end

  • Broad targeting to gain traction then narrowed down as they built the brand

  • Tested every angle possible with their creatives, thumbnails, ad copies and headlines

  • Advanced SEO tactics to build up organic traffic

Main Reasons For Success

  • Tested several different ad variations to find what worked

  • Created viral content that people enjoy watching and sharing

  • Clean product description that answers all customer concerns and instills confidence in the brand

  • Strong SEO and brand building campaigns, creating massive organic reach

  • Created original content with unique angles consistently

  • Added similar products to their catalog and capitalized on the brand momentum

Key Marketing Strategy

  • Strong brand building campaigns

  • Tested several different ad variations

  • Good seo making up almost half of their traffic

  • After collecting broad data they narrowed down to mainly USA targeting

  • Strong brand presence, with a fitting store name

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