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Dropshipping Facebook Ads - Low Budget Testing Strategy

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Campaing Setup

  • Make sure you title your campaign clearly, this is very important for when you get into the scaling phase.

  • You want to set the campaign with the auction bidding type

  • Make sure your campaign is setup with a conversion objective. We cant to get the highest level of traffic as we possibly can.

Adset Setup

  • You want to set up the adset with a purchase objective, we are trying to get people to purchase so this is the best option.

  • When going through the adset will be using epacket targeting. This will ensure that we have a good reach and can hit several demographics.

  • You want to find interest for the adset, using the tritarget sequencing. This will give the best results and ensure that your hitting several pockets of poeple

  • Make sure you narrow down your large audiences by "engaged shoppers or a platinum interest

  • You will also want to set your adset to english only, there is no point in showing your ads to someone that can read your product page.

Keep In Mind

  • Facebook is gradually moving towards higher budget structuring, they want you to spend more so the pixel can learn.

  • With this in mind, ensure you are using these low budget ads only for initial data collection.

  • Your main objective should be to get into data driven audiences as fast as possible.

  • Take the data from all your interest ads and stack them in a CBO campaing, with a higher budget. These will tipically perform better and more consistantly.

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