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Dropshipping Facebook Ads Traffic But No Sales [Full Solution]

Dropshipping facebook ads, traffic but no sales full solution. ✅Dropshipping challenge like oberlo and ebay dropshipping. Similar channels are hayden bowles, ecom king, franklin hatchett, verum ecom, kevin zhang, alex becker and scott hilse.

Funnel Analyses

  • Determine where in your funnel the fall off occurs

  • Determine if your store is optimized for mobile

  • Check competition and see if your product page is clean

  • Test different prices to see what works

  • Test different offers to see what works

  • Check how fast your product page loads

Ad Targeting

  • Analyze your ad metrics

  • Narrow your targeting to higher converting audiences

  • Test different creatives with different offers

  • Test idea customer audiences

  • Test lookalike audiences

  • Exclude poor traffic countries that are driving the majority of visits

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