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How to launch a dropshipping product, 2021 Facebook ads strategy

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Data Collection

  • During the data collection stage you're able to collect data and also determine if the product has potential to continue on.

  • If your data at the beginning stages is very poor, high cost per landing page view, high CPM. This clearly indicates that your product or creative is not resonating with the audience.

  • The inital data collection ads are set at only $2 per day. At this budget they will be able to give you enough data to work with, without breaking the bank

  • Data collection ads will have the conversion objective as "view content"

  • These ads will run for 1 to 2 days, then be turned off when transitioning to conversion campaigns

  • It's important to set everything in your data collection ads the exact same as your conversion ads. The only difference will be the conversion objective of "view content"

  • This way the data that is collected will be directly relatable to the audiences you are trying to target with your conversion campaigns.

  • If your ads in the testing phase get a sale, this is a good indicator that you might have a winner.

Data Implimentation Stage #1

  • You will be stacking your top performing interest from your data colletion campaing.

  • These stacks will consist of 4-5 interest that had the best cost per landing page view or any higher conversion event.

  • You want to choose the same gender, country and age groups that you used for your initial data collection campaings.

  • The only difference is you will be stacking all the top performing interest.

  • Since you are stacking several interest, you will most likely need to narrow down your audience so that it's not too large.

  • To do this you will narrow down the audience using a platinum keyword. This will be a keyword that without a doubt relates to the product.

  • If you have more then 5 interests that performed well, do not put more then 5 into the stack.

  • Instead create a second stack with the other interests in it. I have cross tested several stacking strategies and a 5 stack max always perfomed the best.

Data Implementation Stage #2

  • At stage two you want to take all your top performing interest from the data collection campaign and roll them into a conversion campaign.

  • Inside the conversion campaing you will be doing single interest targeting.

  • Each ad set will have a budget of $5 to $8 per day.

  • Make sure you prioritize certain interest above others. If certain interest have a lower cost per landing page view, but have several higher conversion event.

  • Create your conversion ads using the interests that got the higher conversion events.

  • With these ads you can continue to create new conversion ads using new interest right away.

  • Or you can run more interest through the initial data collection campaign.

  • Ideally by this point you should know if the product has potential. So if you believe it has potential, I recommend going straight to the conversion ad set for all future interests.

Data Implementation Stage #3

  • After analyzing your data from your conversion campaigns you should see a pattern of the best country, age, and interests that generate the majority of interaction.

  • This is where we want to use this data to create our ideal customer.

  • Take the top age placed into a 10-20 year group. Ei 44-64 year olds

  • Then take the top countries that generated the majority of higher conversion events.

  • The data that you use for this campaign will come from your data implementaion campaigns. Not from your data collection camapign.

  • It's important to ensure you are using not only the data you collected. You should also use your personal judgement and let the data back up your decisions.

  • If you think that the ideal customer would be people a certain age, then verify that with the data and pick the best age group that fits the data and your hunch.

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